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Priate web sites

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Jun-19-2017 5:18 AM

I did little web search today and i found out about more than 20 web sites has full A:C movie watchable. 

Most in cinema records few qualty videos god knows how they able to get them.

I think its real reason why movie doesnt earn that much. Ppl watching it from 3th party priate web sites. Just little goodle search enouf to see that.

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Jun-19-2017 6:36 AM

Piracy has always been a Problem and more so in the Digital Generation.  I agree it can have a affect on Box Office Sales.

But i think AC had a number of other Problems, and the big question to why Alien Covenant did not do so well is not really Pirated Material, although a number of Fans could turn to that because they dont feel the movie is worth paying for... the reasons for that are in part as follows.

1) Polarized Franchise: Since after Alien 3, the Franchise has not been to good Alien Resurrection failed to do the other movies Justice and had some well bland/corny scenes and was a Popcorn Flick... The AVP Movies further damaged the credibility of a Alien movie.... Then Prometheus while had its merits did not give Alien Fans much of what was needed.

So it was going to take a lot to get Fans and especially Casual Fans and Prometheus Doubters to go and see a Alien movie again... which is where Marketing Came in to Play.

2) Marketing..... RS/FOX wanted to distance this movie from a Straight up Prometheus Sequel and Marketed it as a ALIEN movie even directly Spoon Feeding this with the Posters and Marketing and Trailers and especially TV Spots all the Magazine interviews etc...  It really was about saying "HEY GUYS THIS IS A ALIEN MOVIE" Which then suffered for it especially after the Next and Biggest Problem.... World Wide Release Dates and Embargo....

3) Release Dates/Embargo.... The movie had a number of Screenings and leaks came about, but the main Problem was the Preview showings and then Embargo that ended on May 5th the day after the World Premier where this movie got a few showings on this date...  Plus it was then released few other places prior to the Official UK Release of May 12th (i saw it May 10th) but there was few previews days before this and then USA had to wait until 19th May and so some 2 weeks after the Premier.... This is when some Reviews started to come in, providing a mixed bag... ONE key Problem is a number of Reviews etc had mentioned the TRAILERS and Marketing Gave away nearly every Scene apart from the Ending and Prometheus/David parts...

This could have proved off putting to some fans, as Aliens fans  would have then had not many suprises to look forwards to apart from any relations to Prometheus Connections... which if some fans was not a Prometheus fan would make them PASS the movie and wait for DVD-Release or Streaming Services such as Netflix etc.

A Problem with Prometheus scenes that was reviewed by people and word of mouth to say they was a discredit to Prometheus also would have put off Prometheus fan-base too.

Marketing did not Help as RS Sold this movie as a ALIEN one with a blend of Alien/Aliens and it would Scare the £"!$" out of people... which it never really did and so WORD OF MOUTH about this would also affect who would go and see it.

So i think the wait between Premier and Early Embargo compared to World Wide Release Dates and over Marketing had really Hurt this movies Chances.

Also there was a number of Movies out that people would be going to see like GOTG2 and POTC5 etc

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-20-2017 1:39 AM

You have to remember that most people who will download it would have probably not had any intentions of going to see it in the cinema. 

SO you could look at it in this way no matter there action or inaction they probably would not of went to the cinema and paid to watch it . so you could say they would not of lost money either way.


However when you watch someones product without paying you could say money lost.


For me if I ever download something video wise it will be because I own it and just want a digital version for my device and can not be bothered to rip it then convert it to a reasonable size.



Jun-20-2017 6:31 AM

Priatcy is a problem but maybe the real reason for the low box office figures is Homo's sneaking into the cinemas to watch Lope and the other one and the Homo android.

Capt Torgo

Jun-20-2017 8:59 AM

Big Dave nails it and is the only explanation. The film sucks and I immediately tweeted and posted about it on social media. Why they stagger the release dates is beyond me especially with all the pirating. Still Ridley Scott delivered a mess of biblical proportions and that is what doomed CrapCovenant. Nothing more, nothing less

Cerulean Blue

Jun-20-2017 9:05 AM

It only lasted a month in the theaters here in my state in USA?

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