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Here's What the Next Alien Prequel Needs to Do (and What It Needs to Avoid) -

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5 Responses to Here's What the Next Alien Prequel Needs to Do (and What It Needs to Avoid) -


Jun-16-2017 4:46 PM

They need to get different writers that's all.


Jun-16-2017 4:51 PM

It's cool that they are even talking 'next movie'!

6 Alien movie is more than enough for me....but I'm down for another hundred or so!



Jun-17-2017 7:36 AM

They could always give me a BELL... i would gladly give them a 10 Page Plot idea to Tidy up a lot of Flaws for them ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-17-2017 8:12 AM

I think that Article is touching on some things, but then also seems they are not a Fan of David and his Angle...

Its as though they would think the next movie has to be about David setting off to Origae-6  then something has to happen to give us Xenomorphs and a Threat to the Colonists but then David is eradicated from the movie leaving only the Colonist trapped on the Covenant or Origae-6 with a Xenomorph Hive on the Loose.

Maybe this could work.... and here would be how...

If they want David gone... then it would logically be that David  say Re-builds a Walter Model from Spares and then Transfers his Soul/Mind into this.... and then he awakens Tennessee who would then think of him just as Walter

At this point one of TWO things has to happen..

1) David had already awoken and infected Daniels and then placed her in Cryo-sleep....   and David's comeuppance is when he attempts to infect Tennessee... maybe first he discovers the other Walter Body (Davids) and David tries to explain it... then Daniels gets Chest Busted and Tennessee finds out and tries to escape and awake other Crew to provide more numbers to tackle David and another Xenomorph... which ends with David trying to infect Tennessee with the other Face Hugger but it INFECTS David because the Walter-Body he transferred his Mind too is a Synthetic Construct and so its Part-Organic.  Thus this give us the First Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph...

2) It is Tennessee who is awoken first as above, but then he sees David trying to take out Daniels (well David tries to make excuses and stop Tennessee  waking Daniels) which Tennessee  finds fishy, or maybe he does then wake her up and she warns him off David and so David infects Tennessee 

Then have it similar to first Scenario... but David gets INFECTED after he tries to infect Daniels... Que the same Plot though....

Just switch who gets the ONE  Face Hugger Daniels or Tennessee 

This could work... and i would suspect this in part is the Direction they are going with the NEXT Movie.. its how i would tackle it.... 

Only i would maybe not have David killed off, unless he uploads a back up into the Computer and Manages to thus create TWO Versions of himself....

Because the other way i did this as to go with what the Article wanted as far as David has to not be in the movie long... would certainly leave us asking about the Space Jockey..

Because then how if David is Dead and Births a Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph does those Eggs get created and taken to the Derelict?

It would be logical that David would attempt to load a Juggernaught up.... but then we could bring in a Engineer Elder into this and have them play a Role that would lead to a Engineer being the Space Jockey.

So yes there are ways to get this right and i for one would go with the Engineer at the end route..

By going to LV-223 instead of Origae-6 and David taking out Tennessee then it leaves him with Daniels and can bring about some Dialog to clear up some of Davids Agenda and also some explanations to the Xenomorph/Black Goo

These ideas are kind of the Basis that i would go for and a Starting Point for any attempt i would make to write my own Alien Covenant Sequel.

Then i only got past a broad set of ideas for my Prometheus 2 which i started 3 years + ago but did not complete.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-17-2017 8:24 AM

The way it could Logically take TWO movies would be in part as above and set during the Journey to LV-223 and then on LV-223..

The end we see David has the Eggs and is loading them onto the Juggernaught to take to Earth, but also he needs keep some Colonist Alive for Xenomorph Hosts too..

Maye have it a Walter is created to Birth the Bio-Mechanical Xenomorph.

The 3rd Movie would then take place on LV-223 David would have Humans he awakens for Hosts, maybe a Company ship arrives to intercept the Covenant... maybe this has Synthetics and are they to Aid or Stop David?

But then a Engineer Ship arrives, and que Engineers attempting to stop David and we see Engineers vs Xenomorphs,  maybe Androids too depend what side they are on.

At the End David makes his escape on the Derelict but a Engineer gets onboard and destroys David and attempts to take the Juggernaught away from LV-223 and also sets off a Nuke or similar on the other ship they arrived in after the other Engineers had died...

This Event Destroys LV-223 Rendering everything on it useless to the company, but the company know about Davids creation on LV-223.  This event is so powerful it maybe causes a Tear in Space that the Derelict enters..

The Space Jockey is infected with a Face Hugger prior to this and he then tries to set down on LV-426 and set off a Warning Beacon to Warn his Fellow Engineers.

This could work even if we dont go the Tear in Space Route to explain the Age of the Space Jockey though.

But i think this Plot is how i would handle a 3rd movie in the Franchise.. to connect to Alien and i feel THESE Two ideas if i expand upon them are a SOLID basis to Please every single Fan and cover EVERY Plot Hole ;)

Now if FOX read this and want to to throw up a 20-30 Page Overall Plot Guide to these TWO movies ideas i am game for that ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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