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A/C characters vs other Alien films

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Jun-13-2017 12:24 AM

I don't really understand a lot of the complaints regarding the poor characters in A/C. While not as good as Alien/Aliens characters, I felt in A/C the majority of characters were much better than Prometheus/Alien 3/Resurrection. Daniels, Tennessee, Lope, Walter, Faris and Karine were much more likable than Halloway, Vickers, and the dozen other disposable ones in Prometheus. Shaw, David & Janek were the only ones I cared for in that film. Upworth was annoying and Orem insecure in A/C. Excluding Ripley in Alien 3, the only other characters i liked were Dillon and Clemens. Don't get me going on Resurrection, a movie where i had little sympathy or love for any characters. 

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Jun-13-2017 7:27 AM

I don't think it was the characters themselves that's the issue, its the total lack of character building. we don't get to know any of them with maybe the exception of cudrup and walter. we get the scence cudrup is unsure and insecure in himself but we don't get time to build much feelings for any of the others. their just fodder. for some reason after the last supper trailer I just knew I wasn't going to take to daniels, don't know why but that's just how I was and that didn't change during the film. 


Jun-13-2017 7:38 AM

They could have built the characters better but it was a step forward from AC because at least we didn't get Fifield and Milburn.


Jun-13-2017 11:35 AM

Thoughts_Dreams~ Fifield was just there for the money and loved rocks. Millburn loved worms and Space Cobras, what else did we need to know! XD

They were like a bad comedy double act, I just laugh when I see them now!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Jun-13-2017 12:04 PM

Good actors/actress actuall but characters itself a bit empty. Even alien 3 hawe vetter characters at all. Crazy guys all over. Resurrection has intresting characters also.

But this movie only going on david. Too much david and only focused character is david there. Its wrong.


Jun-13-2017 1:40 PM

Unfortunately the weakest character was Waterston's. Between her limited acting ability and the true lack of understand of who she really is, other than the "Terraforming Expert", she just wasn't suitable for carrying this movie.


Jun-13-2017 2:32 PM

I think Ridley read the feedback about Shaw (some ppl found her annoying) and decided to make Daniels as plain & unoffensive as possible. I see the logic of it, but I prefer Shaw by a mile - she was a lot more interesting and I think she had more potential to develop, but oh well :( Daniels will probably be in the sequel, so we'll see if they can build her out a little better.

I like the A/C crew as a group. I like that they get along like the original Alien crew (and unlike Prometheus), but they don't stand out individually to me like Parker, Kane, Lambert, Fifield, Milburn, Vickers, etc. They're forgettable compared to past characters, whether likable or unlikable.

And I think Tdby makes a good point about over-reliance on David - he can't be the only point of interest going forward (that's how they ran the front half of the franchise into the ground - the obsessive focus on Ripley & the xeno. A/R was the culmination of that narrative death spiral iyam).


Jun-19-2017 7:52 AM

They were better than those in Prometheus and Resurrection, I am not sure if I like them better compared to Alien 3 though (but that is because I am a fan of Alien 3) even though I can see why some people might think that way. Daniels, Tennessee, and Walter were well done, and David. Prometheus has two characters that are interesting namely the captain (Janek) and David.


You write that Oram was insecure but I think that it added to his character. Sure he was the captain but that doesn’t mean that all captains are super sure about everything that they do. I just look at that as a human flaw but I can sort of forgive that.


Dillon and Clemens were interesting characters. I can’t say that I liked Golic but he made perfect sense to the story because he was just effing crazy.


Winona Ryder was the only reason why I watched Alien R and still do from time to time.  She was kind of interesting as an android, but the movie in general is just meh even though it has its moments here and there.

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