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Alien: Covenant - Origins

Alien: Covenant - Origins

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Jun-08-2017 4:15 PM

I was browsing YouTube and found a video posted yesterday by Hybrid Network detailing the prequel novel to Alien: Covenant! The source of the information is (I think that's where it originated) AVPGALAXY

Posted by user, Corporal Hicks, on June 7th, Titan Books revealed the synopsis for Alien: Covenant - Origins: 

“As the colony ship Covenant prepares for launch, and the final members of the crew are chosen, a series of violent events reveal a conspiracy to sabotage the launch. Yet the perpetrators remain hidden behind a veil of secrecy. The threat reaches all the way up to Hideo Yutani—the head of the newly merged Weyland-Yutani Corporation—when his daughter is kidnapped. Is the conspiracy the product of corporate espionage, or is it something even more sinister?

While Captain Jacob Branson and his wife Daniels prepare the ship, Security chief Dan Lopé signs a key member of his team, and together they seek to stop the technologically advanced saboteurs before anyone else is killed, and the ship itself is destroyed in orbit.”

I am interested to see how this novel will shake out. Alan Dean Foster is great with novelizations and original content in SciFi film universes (as evidenced by his previous work in the Alien, Star Wars, etc. universes), so I don't doubt that the wirting will be of high quality, but this is an interesting story to tell.

Nearly everyone (I am guessing) expected this prequel novel to be about Shaw and David's journey to Planet 4. This is almost a bit shokcing! Although an official story set in the Alien universe not featuring Xenomorphs or anything similiar is exciting as hell! If this is successful, I am sure that Fox will attempt to continue to try and lean less on the Xenomorphs and creatures in books, comics, etc. It is like what prometheus tried to do, and failed, with the movies.

What do you guys think? Is this a story you are excited to read? Would you have preferred a Shaw/David story?  

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9 Responses to Alien: Covenant - Origins


Jun-08-2017 4:17 PM

Aliens good predators even good but in different universes... im afraid they goin to put batman to alien movies next time...


Jun-08-2017 4:20 PM

There are no Predators to be found in this upcoming novel...Not as far as that synopsis says. Are you mistaking Yutani (a human company, one half of Weyland-Yutani) with, "Yautja," (the creatures from the Predator movies)? 

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Jun-08-2017 4:30 PM

Ridley doesn't do Predators, but he can get involved in a space mystery!   And remember - the daughter really isn't kidnapped - she's one of the perpetrators!


Jun-08-2017 4:32 PM

Ohhhhh Tdby, you thought perpetrators was Predators I bet! But yeah, no predators. Just seems to be en Earthly drama based on the Covenant preparing to take off and the beginnings of Weyland-Yutani

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Barf The Mog

Jun-08-2017 5:41 PM

Heads up  - Tdby might be a troll, fyi. Seen in other threads.


Jun-08-2017 5:42 PM

Barf The Mog Tdby claims to be 15 yo which would explain a lot to me.


Jun-08-2017 5:46 PM

well, now that the franchise's Literary dept. has completely torqued me right off, I'm going to write out a short story that's been rattling around in my head for months and again ties-in to ALIEN: Manticore, but not as Directly as 'The Lander', this is more an expanded view on a backstory.

But my work is named 'Origins' and far worthier of the title due to Relevancy than ADF's latest offering by way of ripping off The Expanse and J. Grisham.

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Jun-08-2017 8:11 PM

Blackwinter-witch, "I'll just right a worthwhile story myself! I don't need Fox!" Haha that's honestly the greatest of mindsets if you aren't happy with how the franchise is going!

Once again though, I like the idea of a backstory for these characters and any official story set in the universe that isn't a human v. Xeno/any-other-type-of-morph story. I mean, I live for those stories, but want to see even more from this franchise. To get some Wey-Yu merger details, corporate espionage (or worse apparently), etc. feels right. It just feels right at this time!

PLUS, experiencing Daniels and Jacobs together may help subsequent viewings of Covenant for some. I know a movie shouldn't need a tie-in book to make that emotional connection, but it's all we have at this point! 

The other beautiful things is that we always have our (the fans') own stories! Such as the one you have been working on (as you mentioned). There is quality content lurking around every corner!

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Jun-08-2017 9:55 PM


TY for saying!! I can't think of a better way to fight back than write Fanfiction, do my best with it, and show FOX and the rest of the franchise via the public opinion of my works and those of other talented writers doing fanfiction in this universe how badly they screwed up.

Let's face it, there's a LOT of us in the fanbase who know more and have bigger love for this franchise than FOX of the scriptwriters they've hired of late.

As you point out, there's a wealth of Perspectives via fanfiction writers regarding this universe, so there's a Perspective to suit everyone...which is something no movie can ever really do. :)

What's really funny is how many of us have a finer sense of continuity for our works than FOX does, and we're doing it just out of love of the franchise. :)

*Man's giant leap was just a stumble in the dark.*

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