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Divergent Species, a branch in the alien tree

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Jun-05-2017 3:23 PM

After seeing the alien sequels (aliens, alien3, etc)

I really hope that Ridley Scott uses this opportunity to redeem the franchise. I feel that curiosity is a huge part of what I love about Alien, the entrigue of the creature.

Even ripley said the creature was cooked. (just look at AVP)

So, I hope, and it looks like they couldbe creating a branch in the Alien lineage. This will clean the waters so they can essentially have "Ripley's" Aliens.

Do you think this is possible? Do you think Ripley is setting up for a branch?  I really hope he does as I love his version of the alien. (Alien, Prometheus, Covenant) those are by far my favorites.

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Jun-05-2017 4:03 PM

Ha ha had me going there until i realized you mean Ridley Scott.

Here is what i think his intentions are... however this could change if FOX take on Fan Reaction to Alien Covenant.

RS wants to make the Franchise about the XENOMORPH, he said they do not want to sidetrack from the Xenomorph and so no alternative stories or Parallel ones.. So essentially its about the Xenomorph now.

RS had claimed before the old Franchise was about Ripley and the Alien and he has said the Prequels are about David and the Alien and Waterston backed RS up by saying she will not be the new Ripley and David is the new Ripley

They are going for the David creates the Xenomorph and the next movie will take us closer if not directly to Alien, where we will find out who/when and why and how.. gets on the Derelict with those Eggs.

RS seems to be very interested in the AI within the Franchise from the Androids to the MUTHUR Computer and so i expect them to play a large role.

RS seems to be disappointed with the Alien Franchise as he calls them Shoot-em-up movies and Popcorn flicks.. So it appears he is not a fan of showing Tons of Xenomorphs running around attacking Humans and getting killed by Humans.  so his movies may not show as many Xenomorphs.

RS had said kind of in regards to the Queen, well how the Alien Evolves from this point.. that the movies have to be about the Xenomorph, and they will introduce how it becomes Bio-Mechanical.  And he also said that they can off-course Evolve the Xenomorph in a number of ways..  so yes i would not rule out various kinds of Xenomorph down the line.. But i am not sure where RS stands as far as Queens.

RS says he would like to do a whole War of the Worlds, and to me taking into account his other comments... it appears he will be bringing in the REAL Threat of Xenomorphs and AI close to Home...  but maybe he could mean bring the Engineers into it but i dont think he means that.

So yes the Franchise over the next 1-2 and maybe further movies will be about the XENOMORPH and AI both in Various Forms/Treats.



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Jun-05-2017 7:04 PM

I think at this point I'm more interested in a divergent humanoid species that was created by the creators (or Engineers) that represents a failed experiment.   Maybe the creatures have devolved into something hideous, living underground - and only coming out at night! The Origae-6 colonists discover some remnant of this experiment and it becomes a threat.  Maybe David(Walter) runs a muck with his own creations into this population and creates something utterly horrific.   Hey,  I'm just thinking ...


Jun-05-2017 10:01 PM

Sir Ridley surely has a lot of great, rich ideas.  But, I also suspect that the people holding the purse strings (Fox) may not be allowing him to make the kind of film that he wants to.  Sadly, these things are more about the numbers... money.  Big, grand sweeping ideas are noble, but the average film goer often can't understand the concepts, the box office numbers suffer, and the critics often tear it apart.


Jun-06-2017 1:58 PM

If they wanted to do a parallel storyline, I feel they could easily make a movie on the LV-223 Engineers event.  The hologram footage viewed in Prometheus of the Engineers running down that corridor into the control room seems like a scene out of any other Alien movie.  It would be similar to the others but from the Engineer viewpoint, and what they were doing on LV-223 leading up to the outbreak that left them piled up with chestburster wounds.

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