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**Spoiler Ahead**

**Spoiler Ahead** "Mother" & David

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May-23-2017 8:21 AM

In the end of the movie, David uses his own security code AND name to enter the colonists and embryos section of the ship, and Mother recognizes the code and welcomes him.

Therefore, it's possible that Mother gave the instruction of opening the recharge sales in the beginning of the movie - on purpose, so that the ship will get the full impact of the neutrino burst. And so - the neutrino burst wasn't a coincidence as well.

As captain Oram implies by himself, arguing they should make a full scan of Mother's system, to find out what was the reason of this neutrino burst event so that they could be prepared for another possible one.

I think it was all planned in advance by Mother and David.

What do you know or think about it?

And how and when did this hidden connection between "Mother" and David even started?

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May-23-2017 11:59 AM

Ooo I saw a comment (forget by who) on another thread that put forth the idea that David is working on Special Order 937. I think that it is a bit too early for that to be in play (Maybe, I don't know.)

Maybe Weyland had some parameters in place that allowed David to have access/control of things? The merger should have complicated things on that front, but Weyland told David of ultimate goal of meeting the Gods. If that is what he trusted in David, then it would make snese that he  had some other huge goals and therefore gave David access to whatever he needed really. 

Not a map, an invitation


May-29-2017 12:18 AM

I assume that all WT androids would have access to ships' computers since they are supposed to be infallible servants of the company.


May-29-2017 7:01 AM

It wouldn't surprise me. He did say he was waiting for Mother! 


I Moon Girl

May-29-2017 9:38 AM

Weyland called David the closet thing he had to a son.  He opening acknowledges David will never die.  It's obvious that David will never die, but it seems Weyland likes to say this.  David is just a model of an android, but apparently Weyland wanted one just for himself.  Of course, those androids do seem like valuable helpers.  So, Weyland would naturally make his David have special access to Weyland's company so that David can help him.  Weyland wants to meet his creators.  He died doing so in Prometheus.  Weyland seems like the guy who would try and continue his mission even after he has died.  So, David and Mother are working together, because of Weyland's mission, to get answers and technology from our creators.  Weyland would also want the Xenomorph because it could be a useful weapon if controlled.  Weyland's desire of the Xenomorph comes through David who is programmed to want these things because of their value.  Hands down, the Xenomorph would be a good weapon.  David's programming, which was controlled by Weyland, see's this.  So, I think Weyland and Mother where programmed to serve people while also serving Weyland's desires or would be desires after death.  After all, Weyland would use his technology to try and live forever in Prometheus.  So, why wouldn't he do the same with his technology in case he would die?


May-29-2017 9:45 AM

Could the entire Covenant mission have just been a huge cover up to rescue David?

I Moon Girl

May-29-2017 10:00 AM

I think so.  The Neutrino Burst could have been predicted by some technology that humans have that the average person doesn't know about.  It is like with our real life, U.S. government or any countries government.  They develop a technology and don't tell anyone about it for strategic purposes.  It makes sense and I am okay with that.  So, the Weyland Corp. has technology to predict Neutrino Bursts and sends them on their "colonizing" mission when one is predicted to happen.  David is supposed to be ready to take advantage of the situation and to send out a signal to lure the Covenant crew to the planet David is on.  I don't see how the Covenant mission completely missed David's planet.  Obviously Mother interfered with their research in some way so that they would overlook it.  Thinking this, it also gets me wondering what Origae-6 even looks like.  Origae-6 could have just been a lie created by Mother so that the crew would fly by David's planet.  Now David has a whole ship to birth Xenomorphs or even experiment with new creations.


May-29-2017 5:23 PM

Yes. It might be the case... David and Mother made a wicked plan to open up the recharge sales at a specific time, and then somehow created the Neutrino burst so that the ship would have to stop for repairs. Then, the crew will receive the "Rogue transmission"…

And even more than that - 

It might be that Mother was responsible for the defect in opening Branson's sleeping device (what do they call it?) and killed him, so that Oram, a weaker personality, will be in charge…

Very nasty…

What do you think of that?!


I Moon Girl

May-29-2017 8:37 PM

Mother is basically the head leader on the ship.  There is no telling what it has access too.  Mother could have killed off Branson to leave room for Oram so he could decide on exploring that planet David is on.  I can believe that.  I am sure they did EXTENSIVE personality tests before the people on the Covenant ship where allowed on.  These tests were probably much more strict for the crew which would be woken up if problems occur because if one of those crew members is mentally unstable on some far off distant planet or on the ship on the way to the planet with 2,000 colonists in hypersleep, it could be hard to stop them.  I am not sure why the Covenant crew even has to colonize another planet.  This may be in the movie, but maybe I just forgot.  It's kind of like Elon Musk in today's world.  He is just so rich that he decided to fund colonization on Mars.  It is not really necessary, but I guess he gets some people motivated to go and colonize.  Maybe all the Covenant mission is, is just some rich guys looking to get some new species/weapon to rule the world and the crew is just science experiments.

Although, I am not sure how David would create a Neutrino Burst?  Even if David is very smart.  Still, something with the transmission that was sent out wasn't coincidence.  That transmission was only found by Tennessee, who was out there fixing the solar sails.  If David wanted that transmission to be heard, which I think he did, he would have to have somebody out there in space to hear it.  Somehow those solar sail repairs weren't a random occurrence.  I wonder why the Covenant ship couldn't pick up that transmission?  It would seem to risky for David to plan on someone being so far away from the ship to be able to pick up that signal.


May-30-2017 4:17 PM

Cool Toman :) A personality tests for the crew? - Sounds convincing.

As for why to colonize another planet at all – At one point David said to Walter that human king are extinct species, looking desperately for resurrection. This explains a good reason why to colonize another planet. It seems like the situation on earth wasn't so good then... 

I Moon Girl

May-30-2017 7:47 PM

I've been thinking about why Oram wouldn't be the head human on board in the first place leads me to think that maybe Branson just couldn't be turned down for the job.  He must have had the credentials fit for the job and possibly did better on the personality test than Oram for a leader.  If he would have been turned down, it could have been considered discrimination and possible legal action.  Branson REALLY wanted to go and colonize a planet and build that log cabin with his wife like pioneers.  He just couldn't be turned down for the job, so Mother killed him to leave room for a Oram's more chance-like decisions.  In the movie, Branson appears to take high risks, but he knows what he is doing.  This is obvious in his cliff climbing expeditions his wife was viewing in the movie.

Also, on to why they would colonize another planet.  I just remembered Daniels gives a speech during "The Last Supper" youtube video.  She says that "Everybody back home is really thankful for what you are doing".  I guess the situation on earth isn't so good like you say.

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