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Alien Covenant is Alien Covenant, so what would YOU do next?

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May-20-2017 9:27 PM

Again, I enjoyed Prometheus and Covenant for what they were, in the same way I enjoyed Alien and Aliens for being what they were. However, I do understand the reasons that Covenant was a miss to many; serving two directional masters meant it did not satiate any desire fully. However, it is what it is, and it is likely that a sequel/sequel-prequel-prequel is on the way, so.....

Assuming there is a new movie, and Prometheus and Covenant are what they are, what would you like to see happen in the next movie, in whatever time period it is set?


For me, I think I would like to see the true Engineers return to the world they seeded (operating on the presumption that the planet in Covenant was not the home world, and merely another experiment like Earth. I think I would like to see the story be a simple mix of them trying to piece together what happened, ultimately tracking David down, giving the audience some of the Prometheus answers that many craved. Not perfect, I admit, but I believe that ignoring what has happened previously just angers audiences further. Perhaps as they piece together David's (and Shaw's story), the progression of David, and his experiments, can parallel the story on the Covenant. 


Again, everyone else?

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May-20-2017 9:45 PM

1; Sooner or later, some Engineers are going to learn about what happened on that planet and they will come looking for answers, and they won't be in a good mood.
2; The odds of that city having been ALL the Engineers in one neat little spot is ridiculous, as they have a galaxy-spanning range of influence as we've heard from R. Scott.
3; I'd like to see them coming for answers used as a gateway to learning more about them.

As for ALIEN: Covenant...

I'll wait the few months for it to come out on On-Demand.
It's NOT the movie I spent over a year anticipating, so I'll be damned if I'm shelling out movie ticket prices for a viewing.

IF I bother at all, that is.

I've seen the point where the Xeno is born and it plays 'Simon Says' with David....frankly, that damn near killed off my love of the franchise then and there as well as how they royally screwed up with it being a basic mini-me Xenomorph instead of a chestburster and the absolute nonsense of that facehugger attack on the guy who gets his face burned.

I think this franchise is in very serious trouble, to be honest.

*Man's giant leap was just a stumble in the dark.*


May-20-2017 9:48 PM

There are moments that can only be described as goofy, however it does advance the narrative, and I shelled out money for that willingly. The problem is, in my opinion, is that is was just half Prometheus II, and half Alien 0.5. 




May-20-2017 9:51 PM

Blackwinter-witch That's really bad news. I so much wanted to know your opinion!


May-20-2017 9:52 PM

Even though the androids do not age; they do deteriorate and break down.  I see the David character coming to an end; possibly having remorse for his actions. Possibly seeing David, re-programming the covenant to return to Earth, so he can wipe out mankind.  Or going back to the Engineer's homeworld and using the passengers to try to create more aliens and a queen to hatch eggs.

Honestly, I am currently baffled on where they are going to continue on with this series that ends up with the Nostromo responding to the Juggernaut on LV-426.  They need to find a screenwriter that can write good science fiction and horror.  


I do not knock the screenwriters for their talents because they have a solid body of work but not every screenwriter could fit for every genre.  


May-20-2017 9:56 PM

colonialsoldier Probably it doesnt take place on Origae 6. On his log David says he hopes the transmission would get intercepted in a year and a half, and the trip to their destination is 7 years. Someone correct me if I am wrong.


May-20-2017 9:57 PM

I agree, there are quite a lot of interesting tangents that could emerge, but ending up with a seamless transition to the original movie is a HUGE crutch. 


This is why i thought that David's narrative of a direct passage to LV-426 (code named Origae) must surely be assumed, and focus put on the Engineers/Space jockeys investigating the havoc is a potential solution to having an interesting story that fits into the universe's narrative. 


They are close to backing themselves into a corner, so much so they Damon Lindelof would be proud (I jest, I also liked Lost for what it was-good chewing gum TV). I hope they can explore differing viewpoints as a way to remedy this. 

Phallic Jaw

May-20-2017 9:58 PM

I want to see the Engineers within the first 5 mins of the movie and I want them to destroy David in the most horrifing way.  I'm done with him.  Maybe even after violating him (it's probably what he would want in a twisted sort of way, he is yet to experience anything sexual unless he did something to/with Shaw).  Then the Engineers take his creations that he technically stole from them, and they develop tons of xenos and they go to full on war with humans, just as Ridley has stated that's where he wants the series to head towards.  I would put in big Star Wars style space battles and everything.  Throw everything at it, why not!  The Space Jockey/Engineer we see in Alien is revealed to be the final casualty of that war.  The End.

I've seen things you people wouldn't believe. Attack ships on fire off the shoulder of Orion.  I watched Androids blow and finger each other's flutes.


May-20-2017 10:01 PM

I do like the idea of the Engineers returning to wreak havoc, something I have stated multiple times. However, since I noted David testing his creation with Daniels at the end, it is clear in my head that his end will come at the Xenomorph's hands. The one that kills him when he tries to imprint (hinted with the camera scene in Covenant) will be perfection, thus the end of his arc. I like him as a character, and I do not feel his arc is the problem, it is just the focus because of a lack of other narratives. Again, just my viewpoint. 


May-20-2017 10:08 PM

Origae is not LV-426 because as you saw in Aliens; it didn't take the Marines and Ripley, seven years to get there.  Also, if you remember in Alien, Lambert tells the crew (after the facehugger comes of Kane), that it will take 10 months to return to earth and they just left LV-426.

@Phallic, do you mean a war between the Engineers and Aliens or with the humans?


May-20-2017 10:11 PM

Well, that is always in the future. A case can be made for SUPER advancements. Not saying I believe it so, they can always have a side trek on the way to Origae and use that as the story device, but it is not too far fetched for them to claim huge tech advancements in space travel in that time.


May-20-2017 10:11 PM

Well, that is always in the future. A case can be made for SUPER advancements. Not saying I believe it so, they can always have a side trek on the way to Origae and use that as the story device, but it is not too far fetched for them to claim huge tech advancements in space travel in that time.


May-21-2017 1:22 AM

IF it turns out that the Space Jockey is David in an Engineer Suit, then and there, I will abandon this franchise the same way I did Star Trek after Beyond.

*Man's giant leap was just a stumble in the dark.*


May-21-2017 2:46 AM

It would be cool to have some sort of feature where he actually awakens some of the colonists unawares of his motives.  Instead of jumping straight to where he has dealt with them.  There has to be something where that is explained, where he goes and I agree he should be discovered by the engineers.



May-21-2017 9:37 AM

Blackwinter-witch, I have to disagree entirely with your Simple Simon analogy. It's a reference to the crucifixion. The mural in Prometheus (seen by David); the stretched arms of Holloway facing death (seen by David); the Xeno birthing (seen and perhaps driven by David). They all tie in.

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