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Are there more Engineer planets? Alien Covenant Movie Questions




Posted May-19-2017 8:08 PM

I have a few questions, I am not a hardcore fan but just getting into the lore, thanks for answering in advance!

Can someone please explain the way the Engineers found/created the pathogen? 

Was the ship the Covenant crew found when they landed on the Engineer planet the original ship Shaw and David used to leave the LV-223?

Did Shaw wake up from cryo, and try to escape from David? Maybe she got a ship and he caught up to her and killed her?

Was the Paradise planet the original Engineers planet? They didn't seem as industrialized as they should have.

What attacked the Engineers in LV-223 before the Prometheus crew found them?

If the Engineers created Humans, why do you think they wanted to kill Humans?

Is the pathogen used to create xenos the same pathogen used to create humans on terraformed planets?

Could the Engineers that wanted to destroy humans and release the black pathogen missiles on Earth have been stopped by "Good" engineers against destruction of humanity?

Did Engineers help build the Pyramids in Egypt?

Is it possible that the Engineers lived amongst humans, their own creations, given us maps of their lands, and then killed by the humans a reason that the Engineers want to destroy human life for being selfish and ungrateful to their creators? Just like David as a Robot being ungrateful to Humans for creating him?

Do you think David will kill Daniels and Tennesse before landing on their next location?

Is Origae-6 LV-426? Or Paradise? I get these confused.

If anyone has a better timeline of events that would be awesome. Thank you! and Happy Discussion!

2 Responses to Are there more Engineer planets? Alien Covenant Movie Questions


May-20-2017 3:57 AM

Pretty much none of those questions can be answered from what was viewed in Prometheus or covenant. If I missed one that could of been answered someone else can.


people can speculate but from what was viewed pretty much NO or we don't know.


May-20-2017 9:18 AM

I believe these humanoid beings were not the Engineers from Prometheus. These beings were isolated in a single huge city with the rest of the planet wasted. 

Secondly, David was stuck on that planet without anything to experiment on. If these were Engineers then surely they would have had more space craft around. Which would have let David leave the planet to Earth as he is so focused on destroying humans and continue his experiments there.

Also, I wonder what made the crashed Juggernaut useless? It looks intact. 


Is there an agenda the mods are not telling us about? ;)

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