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What we choose to re-tweet and what we choose not to

What we choose to re-tweet and what we choose not to


May-04-2017 6:37 PM

@AlienAnthology is re-tweeting some reactions to the premiere of Alien: Covenant. But more interesting than what they choose to tweet is what they they choose not to.

For instance:

Paul Shirley, editor in chief of says in a re-tweet:

"Bloody, odd, mysterious and a staggering picture of madness at times. Horrific in unexpected ways. #AlienCovenant is
an intense, strange and nightmarish continuation of the franchise. A great companion to Prometheus & the Alien mythos."

But these other two tweets by the same person were left out:

1) "Can't elaborate too much more. I dug the film & there's lots to chew on & too much to spoil. You'll have to see for yourself" 

2) "I don’t think everyone will love Alien: Covenant. Some will probably hate it. It’s a complex film and one you’ll be talking about after."

Of course this is just one opinion. But do you think this means we are going to witness another hugely polarizing movie like "Prometheus"?

6 Responses to What we choose to re-tweet and what we choose not to


May-04-2017 6:41 PM

The only direction from Prometheus is up imo.


May-04-2017 8:24 PM

I'm actually relieved to hear that it is complex and that some people will hate it. That's a sign that it is thoughtful. We'll find out soon enough, though.



May-04-2017 8:41 PM

Agree- if the masses hate it, I expect to like it. The masses seem to want simple and happy crap. The dumbest buy the mostest. It might be unfair to say but it seems true imo.


May-04-2017 9:31 PM

The two non-retweeted posts are more intriguing than the first, in my opinion. "Lots to chew on" and "complex" make me more excited to see it. I'd like to be scared by COVENANT, surely, but at the end of the day I want to leave the theater with a lot to think about even more. Complexity is one of the reasons why I love PROMETHEUS and BLADE RUNNER. If COVENANT runs in a similar vein, I'll be a happy moviegoer.

Shasta cyclone

May-05-2017 5:59 AM

as far as Prometheus, if they would only release a directors cut I think it would help a lot.


May-05-2017 7:20 AM

@dk you have hit the nail on the head with your last post. No truer remark has ever been uttered (typed?) on this forum.

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