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Trailers: Prometheus vs Alien Covenant

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May-02-2017 2:29 PM

Hi all,

I was thinking about what could we infer about Alien Covenant from the trailer, comparing with what we already now about Prometheus from it´s trailer.

First, the Prometheus trailer:

In short: with the benefit of perspective, we could infer a lot about Prometheus from it´s trailer.  Even the Prometheus-Juggernaut collision _ that is a very important development in the movie _ is there.

My impression is that the same is not true for Alien: Covenant.  I think that this time they´re holding their cards close.

Maybe in the case of Prometheus they were unsure about the outcome of the movie in terms of box office, and they decided to sacrifice a little bit of the surprises in benefit of a really good first weekend.  Maybe the marketing guys at Fox thinks that AC doesn´t need this boost.

What you think? 


4 Responses to Trailers: Prometheus vs Alien Covenant


May-02-2017 2:45 PM

I actually think Alien Covenant gives to much away in total, but we kind of know where it would be going as it is a sequel to Prometheus so some stuff would be known... i feel Ridley Scott has spilled more beans on this one..

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


May-02-2017 2:55 PM

Just compared the trailers again and its hard to judge as i have seen Prometheus many many times, studied it in depth so its a bit hard to get back to the perspective of how i interpreted it.

I still think knowing what Ridley said about Prometheus prior to release and the First Trailer, compared to what he said about Alien Covenant and its first Trailer.. for me i feel i had more of a idea about AC than Prometheus....

But time will tell when we see Alien Covenant, i do remember a lot of theories about Prometheus at the time and i was being drawn to David using the Goo on himself after the first trailers.

The latter ones and TV Spots confirmed this theory was not the case though.

If i try and look at Prometheus First Trailer and imagine if this is all that i ever knew, so ignore what Ridley Scott had said and do the same with Alien Covenant and its first Trailer.

Then i do think maybe they both would only give away the same percentage of the Plot as each other... for example if you showed someone both trailers who have never seen the Movies.

Then showed them the Movies after, however as we have not seen AC i cant make a 100% comparison but i feel the trailer covers just as much % as the first Prometheus one..

The whole AC Trailers and TV Spots and everything else however do Spoil the movie way way more than such footage and extras that was ever released for Prometheus.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


May-02-2017 4:04 PM

The trailers for Covenant are not that good compared to the one from Prometheus. Come on, you watch those trailers from 2012 again and they still make you wanna see the movie. The good thing about this difference in quality is that Covenant most likely is going to exceed the expectations generated by the trailers, unlike Prometheus. And obviously the big selling point of the Covenant trailers is that they are bringing back the monster.


May-02-2017 7:20 PM

What I think is that the most revealing take that we have seen in AC trailers is probably the bombardment of Engineer City by David.  But we already know that this happens early in the movie, probably some kind of prologue.  The major part of the other scenes could probably happen as a fast sucession of events: the crew awakes, intercept the signal, land on Paradise, get infected, hell breaks loose, the survivors meet David and go to the ruins of the Engineer City, hell breaks loose again when Oram is infected, second dropship arrives to rescue some people (Daniels, Walter, maybe someone else), the xenomorph attacks. The only intriguing scene that doesn´t fits easily is that one of David with Weiland.  So I think something is being saved from the trailers.

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