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Ridley Scott Considers a Digitally De-Aged Ripley

Ridley Scott Considers a Digitally De-Aged Ripley

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David 7

Apr-16-2017 4:58 PM

In an interview about Alien Covenant and the sequels to come, He mentions his consideration for a digital revived Ripley character for future films. This comes on the heels as we have seen for example the use of digital resurrection in Rogue One.


Article: Article Link

34 Responses to Ridley Scott Considers a Digitally De-Aged Ripley


Apr-18-2017 3:59 PM

You raise a number of valid points, and you've explained your position enough for me to see what you mean.  Agreed that it's very illogical to include Ripley in the prequels in any way.  

I can't really see a way of including Ripley that wouldn't at least seem a little contrived.  I'm actually following where some of clues and hints may lead, because I think they'll bring Ripley back regardless of whether they come up with a good enough reason to, sadly.  To be completely honest, it was unbelievable they brought her out of cryo in the Out of the Shadows book.

Maybe there isn't a story idea that's worthy of her return? 

I'll try to dig up a quote of Ridley mentioning how he considers everything but the AVP movies to be part of the series.  It was around the time of Prometheus, during a press interview.  IIRC he also said he hasn't actually seen the AVP movies (and correctly assumed they were trash).

I'm mainly going from the timeline established in the W-Y Report, which includes the events of all 4 films, so I'm partially referencing the "semi-official" books that have been released. None of that really matters, because film canon always trumps whatever's in the books.  My intention isn't to offend, or to promote the Queen's return.  I usually try to be as objective as possible, and I truly hope we don't see Queens or Marines in the prequels.  There's just this feeling I have that the studio & Weaver won't let them ditch the Queen concept completely.

Seeing the new creatures and the ideas about evolution that Ridley keeps bringing up is far more interesting to me than seeing the Queen again.  We don't really need another film with Marines in it, but it's something the studio might try to do. I'm not really a huge fan of the Queen, or Cameron's film for that matter; I don't really have a horse in that race.  ALIEN is by far my favorite of the films, and Ridley will always be the father of this universe.  I just think Cameron (and Sigourney) deserves some credit for what they did with the second film.  It does manage to retain some of the horror of the original (the ALIENS crawling on the ceiling etc), even though it's more of an action film.  The third film is actually my least favorite, because it didn't really try to do much new or different.

In ALIEN 3 they went back to a lone Alien, but they couldn't really match what Scott did in the first film.  Worst of all, ALIEN 3 can be quite boring at times; it's almost a chore for me to sit through.  Similarly, Resurrection never even comes close to matching what Cameron did in ALIENS.  Although, somehow I've found more things to enjoy about Resurrection than I have with Alien 3 over the years.  My initial reaction to Resurrection was probably the same as many.  Alien 3 has more depth to its story, and the Alien isn't as one-dimensional as they are in Resurrection.  However, none of the characters in Alien 3 (besides Ripley) resonate with me.  The only reason I pop in my copy of Resurrection from time to time is for Call.  

Grinning & Dropping Linen

Apr-18-2017 5:00 PM

My favorite film is Alien as well, while I really enjoy Aliens  the tone and elements of the original are my favorite.

i agree with you regarding studios often not doing the bat thing and they very well find some odd way to work her back in... Lol... Even though it would make me cringe.

i also agree A3 is not very    re-watchable it's kind of dull although a couple of the themes are nice for dramatic effect, it's just not that enjoyable of a film... It's the same ole same ole thing played again from a prison with elements of sacrifice and redemption.

i really hate Alien Resurrection, in fact I like Requim more... Crazy huh.... There are some cool action set pieces in the movie but the cheese factor with a lot of the scenes and the Over the top corny dialog and her shooting basketball ruined it for me I can't get past the corny stuff, and dialog. Plus the tone is all over the place and it was all wrong for an Alien film, while I like the idea of genetically messing with the xeno I didn't like the way they did it. Cloning her but yet the xeno ends up inside too? I didn't like the newborn and while I liked the crew of the nercenary ship I cringed at most of what Ripley said or every time she was on screen. It makes it worse if you watch AR after recently watching the classic Alien and or Aliens, it makes all the things wrong with AR more apparent.Lol.... But I did like Call, I felt that was a wasted character they could have used as a protagonist going forward if they had handled that movie better and did more with that character than they did plus Winona is s great actress. With a different story and a darker more haunting tone having a Call would be cool thing for new stories.

IMO missed opportunity with call

It was Good discussing ideas with you, heres to hoping Alien Covenant is outstanding and the studios do the right thing  with story telling and decisions as we move forward with this film universe... Cheers 


Something Real

Apr-18-2017 5:15 PM

DAVID007 - Hmm, that would be rather strange, in my opinion. I happen to believe "digital resurrection" possesses a hollow quality that is most unbecoming. We should look forward to new characters; not cling to a set few in unseemly obsession. Ripley will forever be known for being an incredible character. However, we should allow her to rest on her well-earned laurels. :)


Apr-18-2017 5:41 PM

new movies are coming, cmon give her a chance! a post NOSTROMO movie; there is a big gap uncovering.

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