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Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant - Prometheus sequel by Ridley Scott

Alien: Covenant


A Critical Misconception???

A L I E N 4 2 6



Posted Mar-17-2017 6:02 PM

Hey guys! So concerning Ridley's comments, is it possible when he mentioned "Awakening" that he was talking about the prequel novel by Alan Dean Foster? I think that would make a little more sense to me and it also confirms what we heard about a prequel novel being released this fall. Ridley could've just been talking about the larger picture as far as the timeline goes. Let me know what you guys think





Posted Mar-17-2017 6:34 PM

Who knows...

Here is my reply on the News Section...

On a Serious note... when we had news of Alien Covenant and how it seemed to be a Plot that was different to what was being set up in his interviews over the years prior and indeed the kind of movie the Source i had eluded to.

I did back when AC was announced mention that i wandered if the Change of Plan was due to ALIEN 5 it appeared that Alien 5 was getting more hype and interest as we get a sequel to Aliens that Retcons Hicks and Newts Fate and brings back Ripley and Aliens and Queens.

Compared to the Negative comments about Prometheus, maybe fans in general did not want to see a movie that STEPS further away from Alien and follows Shaws Quest for Answers and to go and find out more about the Engineers, who created them and why was we created with then latter clues to how the Xeno or Black Goo connects.

Fox want to set up a Franchise Prequels and they want to make $$$$ i said back when AC was announced that i wander if they felt they needed to go back and change their plans and give the FANS the Alien Clues a bit more and give them a more Xeno based movie...  then after this, maybe it can get more INTEREST in the new Movies and then set up as a more loose Plot information on the Engineers.

So when Fanboys have their Answers or enough to please them and see a new Alien movie thats more Alieny... maybe they would then be more interesting to then ask....

So what rule did the Engineers play?

Or where are they and also what became of Shaw that lead to the horrors in AC.

I felt this was logically would could have been going on, and it seems this is the case.

Then shortly after Ridley commented about AC as being a new Trilogy and they are coming in from the Back Door/Rear.

Which made me take that comment as i have mentioned a lot of times in relation to the Franchise, that is AC actually like doing a Prequel Franchise in Reverse?   So a AC sequel in some part could be set in the past..... 

But then we had the announcement of the ADF Prequel which would cover some part of the events prior to Alien Covenant

I will also now pick up on your comment Michelle... indeed who knows maybe the Awakens is in reference to the ADF book and maybe its a slip of the tongue by Ridley Scott and that he actually planned 3 movies and this Book to fill in other gaps.

So its in effect 4 Parts to the Saga he wishes to tell.

I do however also agree with you that they cant surely set up a ending in AC to then not follow on what happens with the Covenant Colonist that Survive and Daniels etc.

But Waterston did hint with the David is new Ripley comment that the Franchise is about David, and so maybe we wont find out what happens to the Covenant in the next movie?

Who knows... I do think if they are planning to use David AKA Fassbender in a few movies, well he is a Synthetic and so unless he upgrades himself to be something a bit different, they would have to get this Trilogy done sooner rather than latter because.

1) Fassbender is a Synthetic and we have to assume Synthetics dont age, so if they shoot the next movie in 2018, then next after in 2020  its going to be noticeable that Fassbender is 8 or so years older.

2) Then we have Ridley Scotts Age... i would be sure he wants to play a KEY role in these movies and so he would surely want to get the next TWO Movies done over the next 3-5 years.

I do like Apple Pie, hope to share some on my Birthday in May!




Posted Mar-17-2017 6:37 PM

Maybe the comming in from the rear end and back door means we are not going the year 2094 ==>2104 ==> 2122 Alien

Maybe in some way its going to be going backwards... so that we end up with more Engineer History etc, as i think if AC goes to explore in its sequels those beings above the Engineers or Engineers as far as in relation to the Franchise as being Alive after the events of Alien Covenant to Alien... so 2104 == 2122 this potentially leaves some messy Plot Holes as far as why there is no interaction with these beings from Alien to Alien Resurrection.

I do like Apple Pie, hope to share some on my Birthday in May!

Phallic Jaw



Posted Mar-18-2017 4:54 PM

"Comming in from the rear end and back door". WOW this movie has suddenly taken an unexpected twist!

Shasta cyclone



Posted Mar-18-2017 5:58 PM

These are prequel movies...

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