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Movie fan



Posted Mar-13-2017 8:08 AM

As far as I know we have seen 4 Types of Huggers:

1. "Boney"2. "Parasite"3. "Extra-leg"

4. "original"So these are the 4 huggers that I have seen so far, if you have seen any huggers that I missed please share them here:

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)

14 Responses to 4 types of face huggers.


Mar-13-2017 8:15 AM

Could the first one just be a skeleton? 

Movie fan

Mar-13-2017 8:19 AM

Maybe, but I doubt it.

its just that if it was a skeleton then why would it look a little meaty and it does have the air sacks on its sides.

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


Mar-13-2017 8:37 AM

First one does look like a skeleton. If it is just an emaciated specimen, someone needs to feed it...quickly.


Mar-13-2017 9:53 AM

I already made a topic about that.


Movie fan

Mar-13-2017 10:34 AM

@Edgy Name

Oops, sorry I didn't know about your topic.

But this is a good thing to make a topic about :)

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


Mar-13-2017 11:18 AM

Movie fan, good topic and analysis. There are competing topics on every conceivable concept of Alien: Covenant that we can imagine and there is crossover on most.

Edgy Name does have a good side-by-side look that accentuates the difference (that we can see).


Mar-13-2017 11:26 AM

@Movie fan

I'm starting to think we got it all wrong about the drawings.

We should assume that the early facehuggers looked nothing like they do now. Therefore, these are probably facehuggers too:

Or could they be something else?

A L I E N 4 2 6

Mar-13-2017 11:47 AM

Maybe those are close ups of the spores. Or the tiny worms that led to the Trilobite that David mutated into bigger versions (facehuggers)


Mar-13-2017 6:27 PM

Indeed there is about 5 different kinds that we can make out... maybe its just 4.

Edgy i could tell you about those photos but then i would have to kill you ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-13-2017 6:29 PM

ALIEN426 ;)

Kind of on the right track ;) kind of....

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Mar-13-2017 6:54 PM

Edgy, those pics look like something I read about in  another thread that warned of spoilers. I could be completely wrong too.

Movie fan

Mar-14-2017 8:33 AM

I just wonder how does David test each type of hugger?

certainly a mystery indeed ;)

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)


Mar-14-2017 8:51 AM

Dont worry DK that was me, and well i have to be completely Wrong LOL

Indeed Movie fan there would be no point and no way to know the outcome if there are no Hosts unless David is creating Eggs and Face Huggers until...

"well now that finally looks perfect, now its time to test it, best go and try and send a signal as i need some hosts"

Unless he has tested them on various native animals on Paradise, but does not know what the outcome of a Humanoid would be?

The big Kicker though is the Workshop, which the Props including the one of your Profile Photo... have Human Baby Fetus/New Born Skulls.

so the BIG QUESTION....

Where did David get those from, and are they from Long Dead Baby Engineers? what could he experiment with the Skulls from Burnt to Crisp Baby Engineers?

If he obtained actual Live Babies though... then this would greatly help with his experiments.


R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Movie fan

Mar-14-2017 9:16 AM

He probably found live engineers or humans and started to experiment on them.

When he got done with a subject he disposed of them, he kept the baby sculls as a keepsake.

I feel most sorry for Shaw who probably got the worst experiment of all...

Obsession is a Power, not a Curse ;)

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