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Maybe the Engineers have been Naughty...

Maybe the Engineers have been Naughty...

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Mar-03-2017 9:51 AM

I got inspiration for this from Chris.Thank you.

I for one was of the mindset that the Engineers could not have been the sole force been this whole storyline .  When I saw them in Prometheus, I automatically felt of them as a superior race but not the overall creator race.

Seeing the pics of the destroyed world in the A:C trailers has only reinforced this perception. I believe a superior race (their creators) destroyed them for some reason.

This "who/what" rationale for their destruction on this planet got me thinking about the explicit biblical warning from God to Adam to not eat of the fruit from the "Tree in the midst of the garden." We know this was the tree of the "Knowledge of Good & Evil."

What people a lot of times forget or overlook is that the Bible states there there were two trees in the midst of the Garden. 1) the aforementioned Tree of knowledge and 2) the Tree of Life. Curiously, the Tree of Life was not off limits to them at that time, only the tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Once Adam & Eve had partaken of the fruit of the Knowledge of Good and Evil, God banished them from the garden and barred their way to the Tree of Life. Their punishment was for Adam''s sons to toil in the fields (hard work) and Eve's daughters were to suffer during childbirth.  HMMMM....

However, the burning question is why could they not at least eat of the Tree of Life which was previously accessible to them...?

Maybe after getting the knowledge, having access to life-giving materials made one dangerous.

Looking at our Alien enterprise. Could it be that like humans, that there was forbidden knowledge that the created Engineer Race were not supposed to obtain? Could it have been genetic science? Perhaps the Engineers took a substance/material/device (The creature in the mural?) that was previously accessible to them and converted via the forbidden knowledge into a dynamic (yeah...) harbinger of life contrary to the desires of their creators.

Maybe this creature was intended somehow to empower life (ala the tree of life), just not in the way the Engineers manipulated the DNA to make their version of a lifegiving material.

This could be why they were destroyed....As punishment for playing with something that they were not supposed to-- the Black goo. A lot of possibilities that they use their knowledge to combine with something they already had, perhaps the blood or life essence (DNA) of the creature

Ridley keeps giving these biblical allegorical themes and it stands to reason he is trying to take us somewhere.




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Mar-03-2017 3:25 PM

Gidday suwhited, yes ridley said their race are religious, if thats the case there is something higher than them that they worship and have fallen short of, like Adam & Eve they have done something bad and are being punished ie; the nephilim fallen ones, the rebellion in heaven and banishment,

i reckon ridley will answer this in the next couple of installments after covenant and maybe a little peek into the engineers reasons for what they did in covenant - just speculating.


Mar-03-2017 5:05 PM


Those are interesting observations. It begs a question to me though. It makes me wonder why, if the creator didn't want the created to know of forbidden knowledge, the creator left a tree there in the first place. I wonder if RS will address that. 


Mar-03-2017 6:50 PM

The somewhat paradoxical nature of free will seems to be the subject of that Biblical allegory. Free will has more meaning when one is aware that actions can have serious consequences. Yet you can't be aware of all the consequences of your actions or you would (hopefully?) always make the right choice.


Unless God gave mankind the free will to make "wrong" decisions, the concept loses meaning, yet it's very strange for the Creator to basically place the "wrong" decision directly in the creation's reach and then become furious when the creation chooses it.


Mar-03-2017 6:54 PM

SpiteHouse- It basically seems to be setting them up for failure. It seems a bit sadistic too.


Mar-03-2017 7:42 PM

Great observations all. The question of why the Tree of the Knowledge was put there is puzzling. Maybe it wasn't time for them to gain the knowledge.

It may be a case of test them to see if they are strong enough to be "taken to the next level..." or a higher plane of existence.

I will study this and think hard about the possibilies...



Mar-03-2017 7:46 PM

Seems to say more about the creator than the created.


Mar-03-2017 7:48 PM

Also maybe the creators only wanted innocence (Not knowing between Good and Evil..) handling the "Tree of Life". Once you were corrupted by what knowing evil was, you would always have the possibility of evil intentions...An innocent person had no such inclinations

This brings me to David...Could he be the "innocence"?  As an android, he is not encumbered by the human notations of good and evil...


Mar-03-2017 7:52 PM

I also think its possible that the Creator race highly valued obedience as an indicator of future potential, hence the "test...


Mar-03-2017 7:55 PM


"Seems to say more about the creator than the created."

Can you elaborate further...Not sure I understand what angle you are taking with this..


Mar-03-2017 8:04 PM


I think if a creator wanted obedience it would provide only what was necessary to fulfill that requirement. Testing them with temptation when they couldn't distinguish the concept of good and evil seems sadistic since they would do what they think came naturally. Eat, reproduce, worship- OK. Learn, think, apply and question- not OK. Creator should have known better if sheer obedience was the goal. That says to me that the creator was fallible and unworthy of the notion of worship.


Mar-03-2017 8:27 PM

@dk. fair enough. I'll toss that in there an chew on this awhile to see where all this is going..

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