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A complete list of everything that is canon

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PraetorianMember3070 XPFeb-11-2017 7:04 PM

I'm putting this together in an effort to get a full,complete picture of everything that is canon in the Alien universe.If you know anything that is,feel free to contribute.My hope is we can all use this forum as a frame of reference when need be.

Nothing the God of biomechanics wouldn't let you in heaven for 

33 Responses to A complete list of everything that is canon

I Moon Girl

ChestbursterMember611 XPMar-18-2018 10:33 AM

I liked Out of the Shadows, yet I haven't read the other two yet.  Yea, I know I fell behind.  I got Out of the Shadows when it first hit the bookstores.

Th problem with Out of the Shadows to me is that the fact Ripley seems forced into it.  It does make sense that someone could have found her in space before she was found in Aliens.  I guess it just seems forced to me because I'm so used to believing that she just floated in space for a long time.  I'll probably be reading River of Pain in the common months, so don't spoil me on any info!


PraetorianStaff2414 XPMar-18-2018 10:21 PM

I Moon Girl Out of the Shadows was the best of that trilogy.

Sea of Sorrows is ok, but is just a return to the mine on LV178. Its good but doesn't really offer much more than OotS did. 

I was excited for River of Pain as the story of Hadley's Hope, but to be honest it was pretty lacklustre. Slow burn first act which was great, then it rushed through the action once the **** his the fan.

Introduced a possible new protagonist for the franchise in Demian Brackett who as much reason to fight the Xenomorph as Ripley did...

I was hoping it would be more about Newt's ordeal surviving alone, but it was more a quick recap of what happened before Ripley and the marines arrived  


NeomorphMember1823 XPMar-19-2018 2:56 AM

for me, what is regarded as canon depends on what source comes first. for example, if certain avengers come together to fight a certain enemy and events unfold in a certain way in the comics but in the movie it differs as in say they use different characters to fight or the outcome is different, then the movie cannot be considered canon as the comic came first. the film is now a reboot or remake in someone elses image.

as for the novels. its hard to say really but id say novels with major differences cant be considered canon like the AC novel imo isn't canon. Daniels is aware of the David/ Walter switch at the end but in the novel she isn't. the movie came first and this is a major story arc for the sequel so for me the novel isn't canon. plus there are 3 face huggers brought onboard by David not the 2 we see in the film. such blatant and obvious differences are either stupidity or its done to make it clear the novel isn't canon. or did AFD have access to an early draft of the script and there were indeed 3 face huggers and Daniels was unaware it was David and the novel was released before he got to make the appropriate changes? if this is the case then Fox shoudlv known better than to allow its release before the changes but it still doesn't affect its outcome. I don't consider the novel canon as the novel contradicts the movie too much and in too many vital and obvious places 

the comics and novels (non movie related) CAN be considered canon by individuals as they happen in their own timeline usually and there isn't much to discredit them as we haven't seen a movie that shows a different set of events that contradict them. river of pain is a prime example. it shows us what happens to Newts parents inside the derelict but as the movie never covers this and no one has said otherwise, surely those events can be considered canon? the only thing that can discredit River of pain is where RS takes the prequels to tie into Alien. if he shows that David for example steals the vessal we all know as the derelict, loads it with eggs and crashes/ lands on LV426, then the events of ROP involving Newts parents within the derelict is discredited and no longer canon as I assume the movie will take priority canon wise. personally I love ROP and would rather have its suggested turn of events to be the case but that's just me.

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