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What will happen to The Covenant?

What will happen to The Covenant?

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Feb-11-2017 9:04 AM

What do you think will happen to The Covenant (and the colonisation)? Somehow I get the feeling that the Covenant and its sleeping colonisers won’t make it to the intended paradise and start a new fruitful civilisation?

The destination (where David is) could have been decided upon from the beginning by WY or they are called there by an SOS from David (and Shaw), but from the trailer it would seem that the search party landing on “Paradise” with a drop ship (The Covenant in orbit) breaks quarantine rules and brings the contamination (spores/embryos) aboard The Covenant? This seems to lead to aliens (of different kinds) running amok aboard the vessel and eventually leading to some (or one) escaping The Covenant in a drop ship (perhaps blowing the main ship up like The Nostromo) and get back to “Paradise” in a desperate attempt to try to survive there? It’s still a lush planet with lakes and rivers (maybe with fish like creatures) so they would stand a good chance of surviving (depending on what else is still there) for a long time until a rescue party arrives?

What do you think? Will AC end by The Covenant leaving/escaping the planet (for its intended destination, if there really was another, or just escaping) or with the main ship blown up (or useless because it’s full of aliens) and a drop ship landing on “Paradise” with one or a few survivors? Another possibility is of course that a drop ship (with one or a few survivors) leave both The Covenant and “Paradise” and with a bit of luck someone will pick them up . . .

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Feb-11-2017 9:39 AM

Wayne Haag answered this question, the Crew arrive on Paradise then they Face a Terrifying threat and then attempt and eventually leave Paradise.

So they would not be going back to Paradise as they discover it is a place of death and so we would no doubt end on the Covenant.

But then 1-2 Aliens must get on board, we can safely assume this threat is delt with and i can only imagine the movie ends with the Ship leaving that System to go else were.

Where and why?  Thats a big question and i think if we look at how the movie ends and what next, could answer some of what purpose the movie was to show us with Paradise.

We have to ask how does a movie that continues with a Colony Ship recovering from a Nightmare like the Sulaco in Aliens had,  where does the ship go next?

How can its destination in the next movie lead us to a movie that will maybe touch upon Alien more, and more Xenos and maybe even answer some questions that maybe AC would not be answering.


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Feb-11-2017 10:34 AM

Yes, that is a problem BD. What would the next step be before we get to the arrival of The Nostromo on LV-426? Well, one answer might be that The Covenant escapes Paradise and moves on to other worlds (perhaps inhabited by engineers)? Another would of course be that Paradise is LV-426 and we will get more action on this planet before we arrive at the conclusion that we are already there (like in The Planet of the Apes)?


Feb-11-2017 12:02 PM

It seems to me that arriving at Paradise was a bad idea so they must leave. Since we can assume that the goo has changed the eco-system there (I base this on the spore entering the ear in the trailer) it seems dangerous to stay.


The question is where they will go. Maybe we will see this in a sort of Prometheus 3. Maybe P3 will end with LV-426 but I am not sure about that. I am not sure if I would like to see more than three movies before we will come to Alien (1979) so to get the next movie right is important because after that we will hopefully have Alien (which is already made).


Feb-11-2017 1:50 PM

Thoughts_Dreams: Yes, but isn't it more terrifying if the remaining survivors have no other choice but to go back down to "Paradise" (The Covenant being full of xenomorphs, neomorphs and dead (or dying) humans)?

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