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Immunity to Black Goo and the Xenomorph in exchange for a Soul.

Immunity to Black Goo and the Xenomorph in exchange for a Soul.




Posted Feb-06-2017 8:05 AM

I've got an intriguing thought to run by you all today. After thinking about the cryptic suggestion of David and his possible "soul" or pursuit for one in Alien: Covenant, it got me thinking about some of the greater themes the Prometheus series have embedded and what it might mean for the rest of the series.

Engineers, Humans and Synthetics

According to Prometheus, we know the Engineers made us, Humans. Like in our own biblical scripture, we were made in the image of our creator. Who made the Engineers, we can only assume to be a being like them and like us, just one level above them, technologically speaking. I feel as though the hierarchy could go on and on indefinitely, never truly finding the origin, being "God". 

Like Humans to Engineers, Weyland created David and other synthetics in the likeness of Humanity. But due to our premature understanding of life and more so, the creation process, we dabbled with what technology we did know and created synthetics. 

Black Goo is the Wrath of God

I suspect the Black Goo originally was the wrath of God. The ability to wipe the slate  clean and start over if their creations disobeyed them or proved to be a disappointment. 

Like their God, the Engineers attempted to divise their own weapon based on the technology their own creators used. But like Mankind, they had a limited understanding of the tech and made what they could with what they knew. This of course, backfired. 

David and his special gift

David views his mechanical limitations have somehow hindered his ability to fully experience life. He longs to posses a soul and to be Human, much like mankind wishing to attain the level of their creators. 

However, in the absence of having a soul and forfeiting the ability to love and procreate, he adopted a special trait - Immunity to God's wrath.

David, and all synthetics are impervious to the Black God's DNA altering affects and the subsequent infection by the creatures it creates. 

It's an interesting flip of perspective and although David wishes to have a soul and transcend to organic life, does he really wish to give up his special Immunity? Are Synthetics the personification of mankind separating themselves from the shackles they too, we're placed in upon being created?

If David discovers a way to in fact alter his existence and the foundation for which he was built and finally attain what he claims to be a soul, will he in turn make himself vulnerable to the Xenomorph / Neomorph spore and Black Goo? What implications could that have? 

I think I know exactly how Covenant will finally link to Alien, but I'll save that for a sequel topic to this discussion.

Remember, big things have small beginnings.

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Feb-06-2017 1:43 PM

If the theories are true about David wanting/having a soul, it begs the question how a soul is defined. I know it's out of the question but I figured that I should point that out again.

Now is this a case of David wanting to become merely a human? To feel love and receive compassion as a human and be among the group? 

Or, does he- due to hatred or bitterness- want to ascend to an almighty entity? To bring death upon humanity or just assert himself as something greater than a synthetic made by humans? 

Maybe he has developed a disgust for mankind after all those years on that planet in combination with how he was treated by certain crewmembers of the Prometheus.

Even Shaw stated at the end of Prometheus that the reason why he doesn't understand (whatever it was), is because he's a robot (or f*cking robot in the deleted version ouch dayum girl that's pretty savage against a headless android)

Hypothetically, if David would become a human in some sense, he's thereby doomed and knows it based on what he has witnessed (mortality). Maybe that's what he wants to in the end? 

Or, maybe W-Y was behind everything! Again! 


Feb-06-2017 7:59 PM

If I remember correctly, that alternate/deleted scene shows that she throws David's body out of the ship.

Shaw says that she wants answers, she wants to know why the creators wanted to kill humanity. David answers that he thinks it is not important at all, then it is followed by Shaw's comment that it's because of the fact that he is a robot.

'Is it important that they wanted to kill humanity?' Now I think his opinion can be a key issue regarding the future of the events in the sequels.

However, I think David won't sacrifice himself.


Feb-06-2017 8:28 PM

Wild theory:

David wants to experience everything, so he decides to leave his synthetic body. The possibilities are endless:

He copies his mind into a computer - a space ship computer would be the best solution in my op.

Or he copies his mind into a human brain - James Franco's brain?

Or he copies his mind into an engineer brain - if he can get one.


Feb-06-2017 8:50 PM

Chris-I do not recall David ever wanting to specifically have a "soul" in the movie.

You make an interesting point on the separation of the shackles of their existence.

To me, the idea of a soul suggests an existence in an afterlife if we want to go down that religious rabbit hole. That is not to say that David has a similar notion.

It seems that David has already transcended human existence ironically by his lesser creators.

This is definitely a thread that could very deep. I will stay in the shallowish end for now lol.


Feb-07-2017 6:11 AM

This is a great Topic, one i have covered a number of times over the last few months.

I did get the impression that David was like a boy and more like Pinocchio, he had grown fond of things, had acquired likes and dislikes.  I got the impression that the way he was treated by the Human Crew and words Weyland had said, had a effect on Davids Psychology.   With Weylands speech at first it seemed found comfort in those words, but then disappointment when Weyland said "but he will never have a Soul"

I was thinking at the time before Prometheus, that we would see a Pinocchio tale, in which David with the Engineers Tech or Help would be able to Turn Himself to something more than Synthetic and that he would become Part Organic or similar, and so just as the Pinocchio tale but the Hubris in this was he would then get infected with Shaws C-Section Squid and this would give us the Xenomorph... it was not the route i wanted to see, but a route i thought from the clues and trailers...

But alas the latter Trailers showed this not to be the case (shot of Davids head when the Engineer was looking up to the rising Pilot Chair)  The Adult Trilobite and Engineer battle.


Is there a reason why David can not be evolved with the Engineers Technology?  if we ignore the Scientific's of it all, we cant rule it out..... as the Engineers or who ever are above them seem to posses Bio-Mechanical Technology where Synthetic Material and Organic are Merged together... 

Will we see something like this though?  Who knows... we cant say for certain yet, but i do think we wont see it in Alien Covenant.




R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-07-2017 6:19 AM


I think we need to look at what is meant by a Soul

We have...

1) The Spiritual Soul in a Person that carries on to another plane of existence once our Mortal Bodies are no longer.

2) Our experiences, memories and dreams, which include how we feel about them.

3) A Person who is kind, has a Good Nature or performs a non-selfish act or deed.

Now its maybe impossible for David to posses number 1)

Number 2) I think we would be shown this is why he has a Soul, i would expect that Weylands First ever Prototype David 1 in 2025 was Weylands Son, and when advancements are made, so we have David 2 Prototype, Weyland would transfer the memories and experiences of David 1 to his David 2 Prototype and this continues over and over, until we have David 8 on the Prometheus who is the FIRST David 8 model and Weylands Personnel one who now has nearly 70 years of Experiences and Memories.

This is what gives David 8 his Soul,  and i would think Weylands aim and Goal was that if he could find a way to transfer his own Memories and Experiences into a Synthetics Brain then Weyland would have not only been God for creating Life.. but Weyland would have found his own key to immortality.

But he was not getting to where he wanted and he was getting old and so the Option Shaw and Holloway had, was the last chance Saloon for Weyland to meet the Real Gods and maybe get his wish.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-07-2017 6:23 AM

The other option at hand is 3) too.

David is granted more free-will in his programing and so he can think and feel for himself, and with Weyland out of the way he is now very Free.

Free to pursue his Goals and Agenda.

David is thus like Lucifer if we consider the other Androids like Angels, and he has more free-will than his brothers.

Also David would be like Adam and Eve after eating from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil....   And so while David can perform wicked deeds.

David could also perform Good Deeds... and maybe at some point he could Redeem himself with a certain Action.

If he performs such a Selfless Act... then this would also be showing that he has a SOUL

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Feb-07-2017 9:59 AM

BigDave, I hate you, beceause you are always covering everything. :)

As for the mind copy theory, there is an extra possibility: he copies himself into a synthetic's brain, namely Walter's brain.


Feb-07-2017 2:14 PM

What if David lost everything in Alien:Covenant and the sequels but survives. Then he wants to take revenge or something similar, wishes to have power again, would like to control xenos, etc.-etc.

Let's suppose he is still alive/operational in 2122 and he is behind the events of the movie Alien.

He gives the special orders because he knows that the last eggs can be found on LV-426...


Feb-08-2017 10:27 AM

It's an exciting topic by Chris, you should share your thoughts...


Feb-08-2017 11:56 AM

Here's what Weyland industries says about their product:

"Heart and Soul

David 8 can record, process, understand and express many complex emotions, but he will never know true human feelings such as love, grief and compassion."



Feb-10-2017 12:17 PM

Black Goo Revelation:  "millions of small micro-organisms", "manufactured as a biological weapon", "for military purposes"



Feb-11-2017 6:58 PM

by Chris: 'I think I know exactly how Covenant will finally link to Alien, but I'll save that for a sequel topic to this discussion.'

You think there will be a direct link to Alien in Covenant which is independent from the Covenant sequel?

When are you going to share that secret? I can't wait...

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