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Shouldn't David's hair end up going "au naturale"?

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Jan-12-2017 1:48 PM

How is David going to keep up his blonde hair without access to the ship's hair dye? If you recall, he was dying his hair to look like Peter O'Toole's character in "Lawrence of Arabia", so shouldn't BOTH David AND Walter end up with the same color hair when they meet? Unless David finds a way to synthesize hair dye on Paradise, that is...

4 Responses to Shouldn't David's hair end up going "au naturale"?


Jan-12-2017 4:06 PM

There is no confirmation to my knowledge that his hair grows and it wouldn't be difficult to find something to make his hair dark.


Jan-12-2017 5:41 PM

Indeed this is a interesting Question....

But David did manage to find or create... Pens, Paper and also a Grey Jumpsuit ;)

Serious note... i think the reason we see Walter in a Hoody then Hat and David maybe in a Cloak.. is to keep Fassbenders hair under wraps so its not exposed... so its less time having to mess about with color changes via Wigs..

Fassbender calls David Creepy.... so if David can somehow persuade the Crew to let him on board..  and then does away with Walter and uses some Dye on the Ship to then take his place.. This could work..

Then the Crew would wander where the other Robot was..

So nope i think a more Creepy way would be both David and Walter get to the Covenant.... then David in a creepy way like the movie  "Single White Female" dyes his Hair to be like Walter..

To in a creepy way seem to idolize Walter, the Brother he thought he never had.... much like how David idolized Peter O'Toole's character in Lawrence of Arabia

It would be perfect set up to have Two look-a likes with no off screen or on screen killing and then mistrust... it would add to the Creepy Vibe of David..

This is how i would have wrote it in.... but then i never was asked lol

My Chest Buster Beater.... would have been Spore infected Pregnant Female... Intimate Love Scene Belly-Burster...  but ALAS!

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jan-12-2017 6:11 PM

In avp2 the predalien infect eggs on a pregnant female and 3 babysliens eat the baby from her belly while they arise.

It was viscious as hell. =D


Im sure david has a extra kit of garnier somewhere..but seriously i would like to see he shaved his hair to look like a engineer..and then wears walter scalp to fit in the ofc was doomed sometime ago when they notice.


Jan-12-2017 10:23 PM

I believe davids natural hair colour is the same as walters. if the scene in AC in the white room with the window and the piano is infact david with a younger weyland, which I believe it is for the good of the series and insight into the david character and how he has evolved, u see he has dark hair. I get the sense that ridley is trying to make this scene significant, which begs the question why would it be walter? it def looks like guy pearce in the scene and its plausible that walter, being the most upto date android, has never met weyland. if walter had been online before Prometheus left surely weyland wouldv taken the more advanced walter rather than david??? plus david is such a central character in the story, it makes more sense putting him into such an important scene rather a scene where a company ex is updating him on the mission. we can find out walters true mission directive at any point in the movie. im 99% its weyland in the scene and I just think a more indepth look into david and his interactions with weyland over his life time will help explain, or try to anyway, davids actions in AC, how he views humanity, how he views his own existence, what path hes most likely to take now that weyland is dead.

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