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Alien: Covenant

Alien: Covenant - Prometheus sequel by Ridley Scott

Alien: Covenant


Alien: Covenant shower scene

Alien: Covenant shower scene

Dark Nebula



Posted Dec-23-2016 10:31 AM

Since Fox screened the trailer and some footage from Alien covenant,people's reactions were positive,saying that its a Hard-R, gory,intense and extremely violent horror film.And of course there were alot of tweets of people who have seen it.

Someone tweeted their opinion on the trailer and mentioned the "Shower scene"

Of course,each crew of the Covenant might have their own room that has a bathroom.

This got me into thinking:

1)Will someone while taking a shower be attacked by the Proto-morph or by some little horrifying monster  that crawled through the ventilation system and got into the bathroom.

2)Will the person get chestbursted/neckbursted or backbursted while taking a shower.

3)Who might be that person.

As far as I remember, someone who have seen the trailer said that it reminded him of some scene from The snakes on a plane film (don't have the link to that post, sorry).

Your opinions?






Posted Dec-23-2016 11:38 AM

I believe from other accounts its a birthing scene. Likely a Neomorph backbursting while someone (I recall it was a male cast member) is showering. Not sure who, though. I know for a fact it's not McBride or Crudup's characters, though.

Dark Nebula



Posted Dec-23-2016 11:56 AM

McBride's character (I suppose) will most likely along with Daniels make it to the end.He did say in an interview how the dinner table with all the cast members each week kept getting smaller and smaller, and how people were just dying straight.

So its some random person (male) either getting backbursted or neckbursted in the shower.

Something is telling me that Demián Bichir's character might be the victim of neckbursting or getting head bitten, from this image that he posted many months ago.




Posted Dec-23-2016 12:10 PM

Oh right, good call. I remember that image - at that moment we knew he would be biting the bullet one way or another lol Neck-bursting sounds about right considering the mold was made from his shoulders up. The practical effects of a neck-burster will be raunchy... I suspect Covenant will have a very old-school horror vibe to it.

Dark Nebula



Posted Dec-24-2016 4:07 AM

Im betting that Ridley played some good old tricks on the cast like he did in Alien and Prometheus,but I just hope he didn't went too far with it.Funny how the cast of Alien didn't know what was exactly going to happen in the chestbursting scene so their scared reactions were real,and some actors were deeply disturbed, and I think that one of the cast,I think it was Yaphet K.,he refused to speak for like 2 hours after that scene because how much he was disturbed.

And the Hammerpede jumping out of the Millburn's mouth scene in prometheus,Ridley didn't tell the actors what was exactly going to happen in that scene so when hammerpede jumped out of Millburn's mouth the actors were scared shitless,and you can thell that by the reaction of Katie D. (Ford).

If that is the case in AC,I hope the actors weren't disturbed too much by Ridley's tricks,especially the guy in the shower since AC is a HARD-R horror movie.


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