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DeaconMember10324 XPDec-05-2016 9:08 AM

I would like to start a Thread to Discus the Alien/s that would appear in Alien Covenant: i started a similar Alien Covenant thread not long ago discussing Paradise and what the Look and Feel of that World will be like.

For this one its time to look at the Xenomorph Monster/s that will appear in this movie.. by first looking at Officially what we know about them. By that i mean discounting any none-official leaks or images.

Here is what we know....

Alien Covenant is the Final Name for the sequel to Prometheus and this time they intend to show us more about the Xenomorph and its Origins and the Reasons for it.  Without further-a-do here we go....

*Ridley Scott (RS) has confirmed this movie will focus on the Xenomorph to more extent and the aim is to show us where this Organism eventually comes from, who created it and why.

*(RS) claimed that we would find out who would make such a Horrid Thing, it felt Bio-Mechanical and a Weapon and we would see why/how.

*(RS) claimed that they (Engineers) created it (which could mean they played a role in the eventual Organism we see in Alien and its created either by them, from something they had created or obtained and experimented with).

*(RS) claimed that there is something Evolving on Paradise, thats related to the Xenomorph and Engineer Bio-Weapons. (its  a case of is this Evolving Creature something that is there and evolving when David arrives, or David evolves something he finds or is it something David creates that is evolving by the time the Covenant Crew arrive?).

*(RS) claimed we will see every stage of the Aliens Life Cycle... Egg, Face Hugger, Chest Buster and then Big Chap. (This means we would see these stages at some point in the movie but while its bound to be similar we cant guarantee a exact Xeno Match in this movie).

*(RS) claimed there would be Evolution to this movie from Prometheus, and it would back into Alien eventually after 3 movies.  (maybe is a hint that we would see some clues to the evolutionary process that lead or leads to the Alien Xenomorph).

*(RS) claimed they are going to rival the Chest Buster Scene from Alien, and go back to making what Scared people about the Monster in the first movie.

*John Logan said you cant do a Alien Prequel without eventually not showing the Alien Life Cycle... from Egg to the Adult Xenomorph.

*Micheal Fassbender (MF) claimed that there would be Alien's bursting out of people all over the place, he also claimed the movie brings back the Horror Element that Alien had and Ridley is going to Scare the Crap out of people.

*(MF) Mentioned about the Neomorph in relation to John Hursts Chest Buster performance in Alien. (his comments seem to indicate we would be seeing similar scenes in this movie, and once again touching upon the Neo-Morph introduction to the New-Born/Young Stage of the Xenomorph).  But could be a hint at something else... which could be either New.. or a Origin to how the Xeno came to be.

*Danny Mcbride also commented on the Aliens being Scary, and that he (they) spend some time being chased around on the ship by Alien's while being armed with a Shotgun (not a Good idea) and also that the cast members he worked with were one by one not coming back to the breakfast table on set... (which could hint at a picking off of the crew bit by bit like we saw in Alien and Alien 3, rather than some Mass killings).

*Carmen Ejogo claimed that she and Katherine Waterston were being chased by Enormous Alien's (quite how big enormous is anyone's guess, but its safe to say at least a Xenomorph size but maybe no bigger than the Xenomorph Queen).

*Katherine Waterston claimed too that the movie was Scary and the Alien's too and that she was being chased by enormous Alien's too while in a ***bersome spacesuit.

*Wayne Haag mentioned that the Xenomorph could be Ancient, and maybe they will be keeping some Mystery about it as if you find out too much.. there is not Mystery left... he also claimed the Engineers found/stole something related to their Technology.... could this be Sacrificial Goo, Black Goo the Xeno? Who knows..

*We got to see the first official Image related to any Alien Monsters a Prop of Alien hands being worked on with the Tagline.. "where it all begins"  These hands are different to the Xenomorphs a bit and they look less Bio-Mechanical and they have the Alien 3 Xenomorph kind of look to them... maybe slightly different digit layout.

*We saw those leaked Photos of Props... which we cant draw too much into as not everything could make it into the movie something Wayne Haag said about some Props he has, and like with Prometheus there was concept work and sculpts done as far as creature design that never made it...

But we can safely Assume the shots of Eggs and Face Hugger including concepts seen in those photos are very likely in the movie. The rest who knows..

*The Production crew were given various items of clothing that showed Elements of the Xenomorph.... some with Face Huger and some with the Alien Design.... these however with also the HR Giger Necronom IV Clapper board.... do-not mean we would be getting this exact design... but working on the path to it or a more clear path from it... so there would be more connection... and if these things actually appear... then maybe there is some part of the Creation/Origin and Evolution that is not shown in the previous Alien  movies that we shall be shown in Alien Covenant.

*We Finally get the First Official Teaser Poster with a image of a Xenomorph that again is not quite as Bio-Mechanical as Alien but similar to the Alien 3 one.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

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DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-15-2017 4:04 PM

As far as the Organisms in AC being able to squash themselves to get around, yes i heard that rumor and well its taken a bit off the Organism that came from Holloway and how it got around... I covered this the other day in that in order for this to in anyway apply as far as the Holloway Chest Buster from Spaights Draft to when it grew latter would be if inside of a inner bone structure they had Muscle Structure like Mollusca Organisms

Then imagine if some of the Muscles then acted like a Penis (hey its Giger work after all) and a Flaccid Penis you could say is a Muscle like a Octopus or Squid Tentacle and what if these kinds of Muscles can be made more erect like a Penis.

You would then have the ability to have a support mechanism inside of a Organism that can be more solid and Bone-like that can then change to a more flexible and squishy state.

Biology like this could work as far as say having a Organism like say the Trilobite and its Legs that are like a Octopus and then if it can make the muscles in these become erect they could function as Bones and Stand up right and walk about.

If you catch my drift ;)

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-15-2017 4:09 PM

The other rumor about how they move about was like a Jack in the Box...

Now the only way i think this Biologically works is if there inner Mechanics as far as Muscle, Tendon or Bones are like Springs and so they can stretch and shrink like  a slinky?

The Source told me that the Organisms lower limbs are now redesigned to fit with the Queen Aesthetics and this is the design that would be used from now on and so no more limitations on Man in Suit and so similar proportions to a Man as far as Joints.   The Deacon was like this as it was a Hybrid.

Now the Aliens are different, and have legs like the Queens and they are to move about mainly on all fours and move like a Rat/Mouse but they can then stand up and move bi-pedal when they need to.

You can see what they mean in the Xenos in the King Xeno Statue.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


FacehuggerMember293 XPFeb-15-2017 5:13 PM

If David has contaminated the whole planet with the goo(theory), you can imagine the hellish mutations the covenant crew are going to face.

Yes BigDave i feel david has been playing the typical mad scientist, 10 yrs is a lot of time experimenting and creating these nightmares. 


FacehuggerMember355 XPFeb-16-2017 4:31 PM


I just have this feeling from everything I am seeing that Ridley is going to throw a switch with us on David. I suspect he has been trying to be a creator versus just being a creation of man like most people trend to believe. However, I also believe that there is more to this Xeno backstory that can be explained by David's experimenting....The creature in the mural is a strong candidate for the genesis of this whole thing. When the smoke has settled there will be a lot of intrigue but It won't all involve David.


DeaconMember10324 XPFeb-18-2017 4:05 PM

Indeed i always thought the Frescos was more a clue to what Originally leads to the Xenomorph and everything else connected.

The Mural was just the result that had achieved that they deemed Perfect or what they was aiming for. But then again it could be something that predates these.

Such is the ambiguity... one thing is for sure, they are all connected.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Beluga, xenomorph

OvomorphMember14 XPApr-07-2017 10:43 PM

This is a beluga xenomorph not a adult neomorph the beluga xenomorph is the original form of the adult xenomorph and the xenomorphs you see in the first four movies are weaponized versions of the beluga xenomorphs modified by the engineers and the original facehuggers were called octo facehuggers and they were to appear in alien engineers the original story of Prometheus but they were scrapped and the neomorph is a xenomorph mutated by the black goo.


OvomorphMember42 XPApr-08-2017 1:46 AM

thanks for resurfacing this one, the enormous aliens thing has been nicely buried in recent times.  the recent shot of daniels in said ***bersome space suit in zero g cut with shower scene alien has me excited.  what RS distracting us from?  the engineer guys from hologram in prometheus were running from something **** scary and potentially enormous. deacon time.

Ranting Xeno

FacehuggerMember113 XPApr-08-2017 3:05 AM

[quote=DigDave]*Carmen Ejogo claimed that she and Katherine Waterston were being chased by Enormous Alien's (quite how big enormous is anyone's guess, but its safe to say at least a Xenomorph size but maybe no bigger than the Xenomorph Queen).[/quote]

This is interesting to me. Ejogo's character is in the room with the back burster and unless I missed something is confirmed as being killed by it, shortly after "birth", within the medbay as Daniels runs to arm herself.

As we have seen in the more recent trailers, and saw for a split second in the 1st, the young Neos are kind of dog size.

This said, what enormous alien was chasing her? Does this imply there is a standoff or battle with a possible endogenous species between spore infection and the return to the dropship? 


NeomorphMember1984 XPJul-19-2017 5:35 PM


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