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Shaw's Narrative

Shaw's Narrative

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David 7

Jun-20-2016 5:03 PM

Now that we know that Elizabeth Shaw will be in the upcoming Alien:Covenant, the question is raised once more as I am sure that it has been in this thread, what is HER story. We know that she will be filming for a few weeks in Australia. In that few weeks, what will she be filming? Will she be under the control of David, perhaps become an experiment in David's experiments or will she be in hiding from David and come out when the Covenant lands to try and warn them about David and his sinister plans? So much to ponder I am sure. 


Being that she is only filming for a few weeks, will this be the only film that she will be in and will Scott close her narrative and pass it on to the new lead, Waters? 


Much to contemplate...

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Jun-20-2016 5:12 PM

Will she still be sure?  Or will her way now be hollow?


Jun-20-2016 6:19 PM

I missed her, Im glad she's back in the game...just needed closure to her character....wonder what she ate and drank during her journey, and if she had a new set of clean clothes.. 10 years wearing a spacesuit must kinda suck...maybe shell be in a loin cloth like a sexy female tarzan lol :)




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



Jun-20-2016 6:31 PM

It will definitely be interesting to see how her story goes. It seems to make sense that she will have met with a sinister end at the hands of David (soon after arriving on Paradise), or she will meet a sinister end sometime after the Covenant sets down. 

S.M. asked a good question too. Going all that way and assuming she lives to meet the crew of the Covenant, what has happened to her faith and her quest for answers? It would be sort of crazy of she was forced to survive on her own, avoiding David and whatever else is on Paradise coming after her or not.

This definitely amps up the possibilities of how Covenant plays out 

Not a map, an invitation


Jun-20-2016 7:19 PM

bladerunnergunner- I'm sure the Juggernaut was kind enough to extrude a feeding teat and provide her with a nice bit of nutrient pap.

S.M.- Good question. I imagine she'll have seen much to shake her convictions, but her pattern seems to be faith in the face of contrary information.


Jun-20-2016 7:31 PM

If David can work out how to fly the thing I'm sure he could work out how their hypersleep works.


Jun-20-2016 8:46 PM


True, but the Engineer's hyper sleep seems dependent on Biosuit connectivity. For an alternate take on Shaw's experience, click here.


Jun-20-2016 9:27 PM

I'm sure David could work something out.  Anything to keep Shaw out of the way short of killing her.


Jun-21-2016 7:28 AM

I think none of that stuff is important to the Plot and how she is used, i.e How she finds the Juggernaught, how David manages to fly in when he is in Two Pieces and how Shaw gets into Cryo-Sleep and what happens on the journey.

The Source claimed, that the earlier drafts the movie had 3 Plot Elements and Shaw and Davids journey to Paradise for Answers was only a small part compared to the other Two... and that the movie would not be about the shenanigans aboard the Juggernaught.

The End of Prometheus showed us the Juggernaught in Flight and anything prior to this moment i doubt would have been covered...

However from when the Ship arrives at Paradise or where ever its destination was next... until the Covenant arrives 10 years latter... is something that maybe we would get some insight to.

Covenant seems to have changed from what the movie seemed to be before John Logan was brought in, but i think some Elements are being passed over.

The Synopsis plays key role, and so i dont expect the Covenant Crew to find Shaw on Paradise if they do it would be latter on in the Movie and we have to ask where did she get to, or where was David keeping.

We dont know if Shaws Role, will be flash back, or if she is alive at some point and talks to members of the Covenant or if she is just to be used for a Horrific Scene

But i think she would only play a smaller role, maybe as much as Peter Weyland did in Prometheus?

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017

Michelle Johnston

Jun-21-2016 7:40 AM

@BD on point BD. She will enhance the core story not be it. She will contextualise Paradise and David whether she gets another leg up in the story and the next movie is anyones guess. Whatever she undergoes she will tell us more about the Engineers and their technology. This is not a finding God Movie for her (and the audience) its a finding answers. If this it for her she may give the answers in her final words of revelation elevating her up the story telling ladder where she rightly belongs. She has been a victim and survived so she is either is a plot point or explains the narrative.



Jun-21-2016 7:59 AM

I really find the Shaw character to be dumb and annoying. Maybe she can be in it as a cyborg but if she will be given as much screen time as she was given in Prometheus then I will maybe ignore AC. Perhaps I will watch it if she is smarter and not as moronic like "it is an invitation", and "I think that they want us to come and find them". Anyone that isn't totally irrational will understand that this way of thinking is stupid. Either they will:


1. Do something good with Shaw this time

2. Let her develop as a character and make her less annoying or stupidly religious

3. Let her be in the movie as a cyborg or something


"Being that she is only filming for a few weeks, will this be the only film that she will be in and will Scott close her narrative and pass it on to the new lead, Waters? "


Hopefully the writers will make a better job with her than Lindelof did. Perhaps she will just be in it for a small period of time, that could be alright. I am sorry but to quote Han Solo "I have a bad feeling about this."


Jun-21-2016 9:02 AM

I'm not the biggest fan of Shaw as a character either Thoughts_Dreams. I think she may only appear briefly, towards the end perhaps?

I also feel that she will be completely different from the Shaw we knew from Prometheus, and this will be a key plot point!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Jun-21-2016 9:07 AM

Thanks Lone, I am happy to see that there is another person here that doesn't like the Shaw character either. I don't dislike those that are in favor of her but that "Oh she is so cool" and what ever really annoys me especially when it is obvious that she has character traits that are really dislikeable. Hopefully she will just play a small part this time if they really feel the need to include Shaw.


I feel a bit disappointed because it seemed for a long time that she wouldn't be in it and now she is. To me it feels like it is a last minute decision so that is why I am disappointed.


Jun-21-2016 3:03 PM

Having a main character return to a sequel is a last minute decision?

David 7

Jun-21-2016 3:07 PM

It probably wasn't last minute, just kept under wraps I would assume. Her role is probably small and Scott is going to close her story off and transfer over to the new lead.


Jun-21-2016 3:09 PM

If she was there for a few weeks, it won't be a small role.  Smaller than Prometheus though.

David 7

Jun-21-2016 3:11 PM

Yeah, no doubt smaller then Prometheus. Could be flashback sequences. It will be interesting to see what happens


Jun-21-2016 4:00 PM

Well...will the crew of the Covenant know all about the infamous doomed Prometheus?

Were they on radio silence all those years? They must of heard about Peter Weyland's death?! Shaw left a warning message from LV223....Most starships should have heard the message. They're probably going to recognize David 8 and ask him where Shaw is?

Few weeks of makeup maybe? Body cast and all that rigging takes time.




Jun-21-2016 4:51 PM

Everyone thought Weyland was dead anyway, nevermind what happened on Prometheus.  If Shaw's transmission is still transmitting, their could be any number of reasons they didn't pick it up (ie. they're not going anywhere near LV-223).  Or maybe they did pick it up.  No way of knowing yet.

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