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Interesting Alien / Prometheus inspired artwork by Carlos Huante...

Interesting Alien / Prometheus inspired artwork by Carlos Huante...

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Jun-17-2016 3:28 PM

Carlos Huante recently shared some interesting pieces of art to his official Instagram account. Although he tags the photos with no specific connection to Prometheus or Alien: Covenant, the striking resemblances to the franchise's iconic Xenomorph and Prometheus Deacon Alien creature are evident.

As we all know, Carlos worked as a concept artist with Ridley for Prometheus. The man clearly has a passion and talent for creating nightmarish Xenomorph-like beings. I wonder if any of his work has inspired the new creatures we'll be witnessing in Alien: Covenant...

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Jun-17-2016 3:32 PM

Here's another piece he actually did create for Prometheus, what would have become of Fifield, had the Black Goo continued to morph his body... (would've much rathered this design to the zombie we got on-screen btw)


Jun-17-2016 3:37 PM

Such a talented artist. Would love to see him design creatures for Covenant, in fact, many of his unused Prometheus concepts would be stunning!

Both Carlos and Steve Messing did stellar work on Prometheus. 


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger

Necronom 4

Jun-17-2016 3:44 PM

I absolutely love Carlos's work! He has the ability to create a design that's original but still recognisable. Something spooky and surreal but also believable. It's like he's been inspired by the works of artists like Giger and Beksinski but with his own style. 

I really wish Ridley would have gone with his designs for Prometheus!

The poster was good though!


Necronom 4

Jun-17-2016 3:58 PM

Btw; the image in the OP is just a sketch. It probably took him about 10 minutes to create. Imagine what it would look like with more time spent on it?

The poster was good though!



Jun-17-2016 4:01 PM

terrifying..... :)




 "Must be something we haven't seen yet.."__Bishop



Jun-17-2016 4:27 PM

Carlos did a lot of work for Prometheus, well a lot of it was for Alien Engineers and his Ultramorph went unused. 

That new image i like, and if that was in Covenant i think its fresh enough to be different, it looks like a cross between a Xeno and Shaws Baby... it has a very Cephalopod look to the head.

But he is not working on the movie, but we dont know if he was working on the movie as far as concepts prior to Alien Covenant name change?

But i doubt we would see anything like this posted on his Instagram etc as anything connected to Alien Covenant would be subject to a NDA

It is a nice design, very different.

R.I.P Sox  01/01/2006 - 11/10/2017


Jun-17-2016 4:40 PM

@Necronom 4, Exactly! Apparently he created these for fun, on his iPad... I can't  even imagine what he could create given enough free time and creative freedom. I love his art style for Alien creature design, it's very fitting.


Jun-17-2016 5:45 PM

Beautiful work. Fifield would and should have looked so horrific and cannon with a head like that. I hated the zombie thing we ended up with. I don't know the size of the Engineer Xeno though. Bigger isn't better, like the Trilobite.....


Jun-17-2016 8:06 PM

I think he shot himself in the foot with his comments on Prometheus post release. He came off as rather petulant and unprofessional which is a shame, he's quite suited to the material. 

Something Real

Jun-17-2016 8:06 PM

CHRIS PICARD - How incredible! I greatly enjoy the sense of motion and weight Mr. Haunte instills within his work! There is a true, hmm, "living" quality! Thank you so very much for taking the time to share this with us! :)


Jun-18-2016 2:54 AM

@Dave The Ultramorph was fantastic, the head was Necronom IV inspired, with Huante's own twist!


"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Jun-18-2016 7:52 AM

Remember that one concept he did for Mr. T, the six human shoulders terminating in tentacles with a mouth on the middle? That thing was amazing.


Jun-18-2016 9:09 AM

From Prometheus the Art of the Film




"Let The Cosmic Incubation Begin" ~ H.R. Giger


Jun-18-2016 10:13 AM

Chris P: That would have been much better. The Zombie Fifleld was very bad unfortunately.


Lone: It would be nice if he could do some monsters for Alien Covenant that they would use.


Jun-18-2016 11:30 AM

Yea I believe it's Unanimous that the infected Fifield we got was a pretty big let down. The BlagikalGoo Hammerpede could've AT LEAST formed him into an Altered Beast with special mechanics not yet shown in the MORB-verse but whatever.

Otherwise great article & I personally hope we get a version of what an Ultramorph would/could be in Covenant ^_^


Jun-18-2016 11:56 AM

Mizikame: I don't think that the Hammerpede was very good either. Maybe the purpose of the Hammerpede was to show that it had a connection to the Xeno but it wasn't done well enough. They should have had other monsters that were closer to the Xeno if that was the purpose of it.


Jun-18-2016 12:40 PM

Aw I love the Hammerpede! It was at least cooler and more outer-spacey organismesque than the majority of space movie monsters I've seen over the years. Makes me think of 1960's space things, or like something from Fantastic Voyage.

I think the idea was to have it be only slightly hostile looking until it attacks. Then the MORB connections were made clear. My only complaint was that they didn't do more with it. I would have had that sucker spit acid and penetrate Ford's helmet.

Imagine a Ford POV where it flattens it's face against the helmet, it's mouth slides open and acid collects against against the glass, which begins to dissolve. All with her terrified cries inside the bubble for sound. :D

Necronom 4

Jun-18-2016 3:14 PM

Yeah, the hammerpede was the best of a bad bunch.

I wouldn't have liked to have seen it spit acid, (didn't one of the aliens in ALIEN 4 do that? *facepalm*) 

but seeing it sqeeze and crush the helmet from the victims POV would have been great!

The poster was good though!


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