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Reviews - Good or Bad - Please Read (Administrative Sticky)

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EngineerAdmin22228 XPJun-02-2012 1:15 PMAs more and more Prometheus reviews roll in from various people from various countries it is important to note that we allow freedom of speech as long as it is respectful and does not instigate problems with fellow members. You may not agree with what someone has posted, but you need to respect them enough not to criticize or put them down. Simply posting a negative review with curse words and no explanation is NOT a review and not a comment we appreciate. We are [b]NOT[/b] on Fox's payroll as I've heard at least one of our users speculating and we do [b]NOT[/b] delete all negative reviews. Just to clarify. All the staff, myself included will [b]NOT[/b] delete negative reviews (if you so choose to post one) so long as it abides by the forum conduct and rules. You can [url=]REVIEW THE FORUM RULES AND CONDUCT GUIDLINES HERE[/url] for those unfamiliar with them. We are getting a lot of mixed reviews from Prometheus and it is crucial that we at least have the decency to respect one another's opinions in the matter. Offer reasons as to why you gave Prometheus a perfect score or a lower score. Explain your choices - don't just post a one-line comment saying "It was great" or "I didn't like it". We WILL delete threads like that as they offer nothing to discuss and contribute to. I feel I had to make this a public statement. If you have any further questions about this, please feel free to PM me at any time. Thank you, Chris (BH)
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OvomorphMember0 XPJun-13-2012 8:39 AMgood input and guidance here...the bar is raised and respected..thank you
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