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Rare Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Set of Alien (1979)

Rare Behind-the-Scenes Photos from the Set of Alien (1979)

In Space, No One Can Hear You Scream. An iconic film which shaped generations of sci-fi / horror films to come. Alien is a masterpiece and a film that can still envoke fear and wonder even after repeated viewings. We here at Scified began as an Alien-focused fan site before expanding to what we are today, so when anything Alien-related hits the web, we get very excited. Today, we're showcasing a plethora of rarely seen, behind-the-scenes set photos from the production of Alien (1979), thanks to Alien community member, Valaquen.


There's plenty more to be found over on Valaquen's Imgur account. Be sure to check the rest of them out there!

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Thoughts_DreamsFeb-13-2016 1:23 PM


Thanks for sharing the pictures

Something RealFeb-13-2016 3:20 PM


CHRIS PICARD - These images are utterly amazing! The alien itself is such an incredible monster, and the art direction for the film still stands as some of the most important for science fiction to this very day! Thank you so very much for sharing this with us! :)

BigDaveFeb-13-2016 3:42 PM


Thanks Chris for Sharing... ;)

Seen many before but there are some Gems i never seen before... include this one.

If we ignore everything else but this movie, then you can somehow the Xenomorph must some how secrete something that it uses to built the Bio-Mechanical but more so Biological Nest if you would, this has the same kind of similarity to the Biological look of the Derelict to a degree and yes the Hive that we saw in Aliens and Alien Resurection.

The one thing that was also never touched upon or explained much in the Franchise.... why does the Xeno produce this and how... we kind of know roughly what Purpose...

This is the Money Shot for me of the Bunch up close and in detail.... we can see what we can assume is a puncture to the head... and so this is Logically Bret and it shows us the Xenomorph does not need a Live Host for some purpose of its Procreation... But it needs a Body, and its Genetic Material.

So its safe to assume the Xenomorph somehow is able to Genetically Alter the DNA contained within this Body to Mutate it into a Vessel for something else.... i.e Egg Morph.  I hope they expand upon this idea in future movies and it seems ONE Concept shot in Blomkamps Alien 5 had a very very similar shot... only it seemed the victim was alive during the Metamorphosis.

So its safe to assume the Xenomorph can somehow Mutate the DNA of a Body to become something else... now Prometheus we see the Black Goo can Metamorphosize/Mutate a Organisms DNA to become something else.

The Egg Morph/Metamorphosis concept is something that Star Beast had... prior to Aliens Queen Concept......  I have always theorised that Logically this Process is how a Queen is Produced.

Necronom 4Feb-14-2016 3:32 PM


Brilliant! I'm gonna head over to Valaquens blog right now. Thanx for sharing Chris.


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Neomorph proof of concept head

Neomorph proof of concept head

Jun-15-2017 7:57 AM

Neomorph proof of concept head

Neomorph proof of concept head

Jun-15-2017 7:57 AM

Neomorph proof of concept head

Neomorph proof of concept head

Jun-15-2017 7:56 AM



Jun-10-2017 8:06 PM

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