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Katherine Waterston talks character parallels to Ellen Ripley in Alien: Covenant

Katherine Waterston talks character parallels to Ellen Ripley in Alien: Covenant

Scified2016-12-20 10:40:59
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Yet another interview with Alien: Covenant's lead Katherine Waterston has made its way online. During the interview which took place at 20th Century Fox's 2017 Film Showcase event earlier this fall, Waterston discussed her character Daniels and the obvious parallels to Ellen Ripley - the primary heroine from the original Alien saga, portrayed by the great Sigourney Weaver.

After viewing the first trailer and a short clip from the film, Waterston took to the stage, feeling a little nauseated after witnessing Alien mayhem in action for the first time. 

“Oh, God. I feel like I’m gonna throw up,” Waterston joked after appearing on-stage following the clips. Waterston admitted that this was the first footage from the film that she had seen, joking that watching the clips was, “nauseating on two levels”. Waterston explained, “I can’t really handle scary movies,” adding, “it’s also just overwhelming just to see it.” The ‘it’ Waterston is referring to a particularly thrilling scene that will most likely appear in the trailer when it’s released. When asked if Waterston knew that she had signed on to a thriller she joked, “I didn’t get the memo.”

When addressing questions about her connection to the character Ripley, Daniels replied by saying the parallels between the two were never intentional - they just happened to turn out that way:

“We never really talked about it, I mean, I — obviously I love her, and I love what she did,” Waterson explained, adding that there were “obvious parallels” to be found between the two characters. Waterston made sure to add, “But we never — we never talked about that.”

Earlier on in Alien: Covenant's production, rumors began flying around that Daniels would have a more definite connection to the Ellen Ripley character - implying she may be her mother. However, that rumor has since been put to rest.

Fans will get their first look at Waterston as Daniels in the first trailer for Alien: Covenant which is set to debut this week!

Source: TheSlanted (via AvPGalaxy)

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Written by ChrisPublished on 2016-12-20 10:40:59

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7 Fan responses to Katherine Waterston talks character parallels to Ellen Ripley in Alien: Covenant


OvomorphMember59 XPDec-20-2016 10:49 AM

You have included the link to the trailer, but it is not there. You are cruel people:D


EngineerAdmin22520 XPDec-20-2016 10:55 AM

I've set the page up so that when the trailer drops, before any articles are even written, the trailer will be view-able there. ;) 

Movie fan

FacehuggerMember500 XPDec-20-2016 10:56 AM

Smart thinking. :)

Dark Nebula

XenomorphStaff1204 XPDec-20-2016 11:02 AM

Something is telling me that when the trailer comes out the article about it here will be No1 rated article on scified.

The Number 1 top rated article now is about the official AC teaser poster.

Just wait...


FacehuggerMember316 XPDec-20-2016 11:03 AM

Thank God there's no Ripley connection. That was the only thing suppressing my enthusiasm. Not much, but still...


DeaconMember10416 XPDec-20-2016 1:50 PM

Well if its Ripley as in kind of Character she becomes, i am fine with that...

But who can still rule out a actual Ripley Connection....  but i hope we are not seeing a movie to please some fans who got disappointed about Alien 5 being on Hold.


FacehuggerMember316 XPDec-20-2016 2:31 PM

It's a very real possibility that they would cave in to that pressure, and may still have done. However, I see those comments from Waterston as an opportunity to at least suggest a connect for marketing's sake, and she more or less denied it. I will be very impressed if they leave Ripley out of it.

If this film kicks ass, it will shut down all the trolls who say no one wants or needs another Ridley Scott chapter. Fingers crossed.

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